9 and a half minutes

9 and a half minutes
9 and a half minutes

I guessed for a long time that cooking is very erotic. And try - respectively.

9 and a half minutes

I guessed for a long time that cooking is very erotic. And try - respectively. Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a culinary arts class at the Details design school. The lesson was taught by my friend Sanda, who is coordinating the school's new project "Kitchen in Detail"

Gentlemen, what a success last night. I watched my friend and felt that if women could cook the way she does, move around the kitchen like that, they would turn life into a celebration.

Sanda cooked salads. I must say right away that all the salads were light, each for 10 minutes. I would even say - for 9 and a half. minutes. To paraphrase the name of a famous movie in which erotic strawberries defeated pragmatic, icy, in the full sense of the word, semi-finished products.

Sanda did not start with a trivial cutting of tomatoes and cucumbers. It didn't exist at all. She started with lemonade. She dropped a bouquet of mint into an antique silver teapot, sliced ​​a lemon, and squeezed it with her hands. Lemon juice dripped from her fingers and turned the water into a miraculous drink. Sanda didn't fish for lemon pits, no. They, like small fish, tangled in the green and reflected in the silver. Salads are generally a very feminine theme. But, nevertheless, the smell of roasted nuts, mixed with the smell of garlic, and drops of olive oil flowing from the elbows to the palms of Sanda, who was whipping the salad with her hands, made me think that a man, after drinking tart cool lemonade, would linger near a woman with with bare hands, fragrant with Spanish olives. And, perhaps, he will notice the movement of muddy drops along her wrists. And, perhaps, will not want to wait until the salad is ready. And he will start licking the drops right off the woman's hands.

Details in the kitchen are projected onto details in life as a result. If a woman starts dinner with lemonade on a spring evening, the dinner will end the way she wants.

All salads were simple, but Sanda gave each one a unique charm. For example, spinach salad. My friend scooped up a handful of dried cranberries and scattered them over the green leaves. Red berries flared against the green background like lights. And seasoned with pomegranate syrup and Dijon mustard, each spoonful of this wonderful salad literally flashed in your mouth. Sanda spilled the wine. Grilled bread.

I take a sip of wine, then another. And I understand that in order to create a romantic mood, a man and a woman do not have to jointly chop walnuts with a hammer, fry cutlets in the lotus position. You can just make a salad together. Without any hammers, power saws and meat grinders. Only with hands. In the end, even a salad is not necessary to exacerbate sensuality. Just eating hot bread together, dipping it in olive oil and sprinkling it with s alt, isn't that voluptuous?

I slowly finish my wine and contemplate the new potato salad. Here it is, a completely prosaic root crop, dragging a woman into the kitchen, and a man into the wild. Sanda dictates the recipe to us: “Wash and cut three tablespoons of capers, add two tablespoons of hard cheese, put the potatoes on the boil, and while they are cooking, you can make love…”

And the third salad of arugula and grapes is just right after a night of love. With a glass of champagne.

Actually, all this culinary eroticism is not necessary at all. Understandable. You can cut Olivier for a week. And give her husband portions in the evenings. There is also a variant familiar to many - all Sunday the wife cooks borscht and stews roast, falling down next to her husband at night in such a state as if she was stewing herself on a slow fire.

Don't get me wrong: you shouldn't maniacally drip olive oil all over your apartment and kill lemon after lemon in front of your husband. And squeeze the romance out of it. The average woman herself comes home from work like a squeezed lemon. With a facial expression like after a mixture of grapefruit and onions. We must do our best to change this expression to something more calm. And then - it's in the details. Put on your favorite disc. (Don't dine in front of the TV.) Light candles. This should be the rule. Never start cooking dinner if you haven't lit the candles. You can tie a stylish apron, uncork a bottle of wine, open a beautiful cookbook in search of inspiration, put a glass of water on the table, and sprigs of mint and rosemary in it. The hands of a man and a woman will themselves reach for the glass and touch.

An acquaintance once said to me: “Do you really think that wine and candles can save a marriage?” I don't know what saves a marriage. But it is wine and candles that create it. And, of course, food. That is the details. Any relationship between a man and a woman consists of their details: from smells, colors and, of course, taste sensations.

The last salad was sweet. Sanda did it on the strength of 5-6 minutes. She set out large crystal goblets. At the bottom of each glass, she dropped the pulp of an orange, then kiwi, strawberries, poured yogurt and honey over the fruit, sprinkled with granola, threw a few blueberries on top. I couldn't help myself, but I felt quite clearly that this latest sweet work of Sanda is a ready-made erotic image that is impossible to resist. As the students dipped the spoon into the juicy colored pulp, the fruit was mixed with white yogurt and amber honey. Everyone hesitated, licked the spoons, juice flowed down their chins, no one thought about napkins - it was so delicious.

A woman who can cook well is very sexy

Now, if a woman is good in bed, then I want to be with her a second, third time…

If a woman is good in the kitchen, then you want to eat what she cooks the second, third time…

Eat from hand.

Sanda was able to create such a mood in the kitchen that it was impossible to go home. Although the lesson is long over. We chatted. They drank wine. Laughing. Another whole hour. Strange love stories were told. Remember what you ate as a child. Food I grew up on.

At Sanda's lesson, I was just convinced once again that it's not difficult to cook well. The main thing is to have someone to feed. And inspiration for this is not as difficult to find as it seems. Inspiration is also in the details - walk through the market, listen to music, open the refrigerator door or just hug your loved one.

Any of us would like to be a woman who cooks well. But that's not the point. It’s not so important to me that a large pot of stuffed cabbage always languishes in the refrigerator, and there is a cauldron with fresh meatballs on the stove. No. But since a woman determines the mood in the kitchen, I really want to become a woman who knows a lot about details.

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