Only the facts about the 2010 Olympics

Only the facts about the 2010 Olympics
Only the facts about the 2010 Olympics

About the composition, medals, flag, mascots, blue cheburashka, expectations and the most beautiful girl of the Olympics.

Just facts about the 2010 Olympics

From 12 to 28 February 2010, Vancouver will host the XXI Winter Olympic Games. Canada already has experience hosting the Olympics (Calgary, 1988)

How many of our athletes will be in Vancouver

The composition of the Russian team for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver includes179 people.

Who is the most

The largest team line-up is in hockey teams - 44 athletes (23 in men's and 21 in women's).

About sports

Athletes will compete in 16 sports.

  1. Biathlon (12 people)
  2. Bobsleigh (16 people)
  3. Skiing (5 persons)
  4. Skiing combined (2 people)
  5. Curling (5 persons)
  6. Skating (17 persons)
  7. Cross-country skiing (20 people)
  8. Ski jumping (5 people)
  9. Sledging (10 persons)
  10. Skeleton (4 people)
  11. Snowboard (6 persons)
  12. Figure skating (16 people)
  13. Freestyle (11 persons)
  14. Men's Ice Hockey (23 people)
  15. Women's ice hockey (21 people)
  16. Short track (5 people)

Download the squad (sport, names of athletes)

About the flag

The Russian flag at the opening ceremony of the games will be carried by forward of the Russian hockey team Alexei Morozov.

About the symbolic

In the Vancouver Olympic Village, where the Winter Olympic Games start tomorrow, the Russian flag was raised today to confirm our participation in the Games.

About the most beautiful girl of the Olympics

Only one Russian woman got into the rating. Lyudmila Privivkova is the captain of the curling team. She placed 6th out of 25.

The press often notes how prettier Lyudmila has become over the past 4 years.

On the emblem of the 2010 Olympics is an inukshuk statue named Ilanaak (translated from Inuktitut - "friend").

Image copied from a statue on the coast of English Bay in Vancouver.

As for the color scheme, its designations are simple: green, blue and cyan symbolize forests, mountains and the ocean, red is the color of the maple leaf located on the flag of Canada, and yellow is the color of the rising sun.


About mascots

The mascots will be three animals: Miga, Kuatchi and Sumi. All of them are creatures from local legends. Kuatchi is a shy bigfoot, Miga is a mischievous fur seal, Sumi is an "animal spirit" (many representatives of the fauna of the Canadian Pacific coast are connected in it). Sumi will be the Paralympic mascot of the Games. Of course, they do not exist either in Russian or Canadian, or in any other nature, except for the mythical one.


About the emblem of our team

On the other hand, our Cheburashka (by the way, blue - this year) also does not exist.

Recall that since 2004 (Athens) Cheburashka changed color every two years. In Turin, the "native" brown gave way to white, and in Beijing, white was replaced by red.

About medals

At the Winter Olympic Games medals will be played in 15 disciplines. The design of the medals was developed over two years. It is known that they will be one of the most difficult in the history of the Olympic Games. As you can see in the photo, the designers used the ethnic motifs of the indigenous population of Canada.

About obligations

According to the results of a non-scientific poll, most Russians believe that Evgeni Plushenko just should take the gold medal.

About expectations

"There was a period when we were always first. For the last 16 years, we have not been able to do this. I believe that the performance of our team can be recognized as a success if we take at least fourth place in the team standings. In Sochi, we, of course, must take a prize in the team event," State Duma Chairman Boris Gryzlov told reporters.

Where to follow

On the website of the Olympic Committee and in the news.

Where to vote for the victory or failure of the Russian team

On the main page of our website, in the lower right corner.

Photos and illustrations: Oleg Naumov (Russian Olympic Committee),, Vladimir Shadrin

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