Husband, grab the mop

Husband, grab the mop
Husband, grab the mop

Do you want to get your husband to clean the apartment too? We know how!

Husband, grab the mop!

Do you want to get your husband to clean the apartment too?

He likes to eat but doesn't like to wash dishes. While you are crawling on the floor with a rag, is he lying on the couch reading a newspaper? If this is not about your spouse, then you can be happy for you, but this is a popular model of family relationships that can and should be broken. A man cannot be forced to clean, but you can make this process as pleasant as possible for him. Here are five rules to help you.

1. Turn on his favorite music, which not only delights the ear, but also motivates him to take action. Do not get in the way under his feet, do not lead the process and do not make comments like: “What are you doing with a broom? Is the cancer on the mountain dead? Otherwise, next time you will have to take on the broom.

2. Keep all your detergents and cleaners in one place! A man should not walk all over the apartment and look for where everything is. He gets bored quickly and loses interest in cleaning.

3. Buy the right "equipment". A good floor cloth, for example, does not need to wipe the same place many times. The handle of the mop should be comfortable, and the mount and spin system should be functional. All this is not so expensive, but for a man it is of great importance. The sight of a woman wringing out a dirty rag by hand is depressing to him.

4. In no case do not sit with an impenetrable view on the sofa while the husband is cleaning, and do not talk on the phone with a girlfriend. Pretend that you are also engaged in some extremely useful business for the economy. Men are keenly aware of injustice, although they themselves lie quietly on the couch while you fight dust and dirt.

5. Think of ways to encourage your husband. For example, his favorite handmade dumplings, or a can of beer. Or maybe you will be able to accustom your husband to the fact that after cleaning your mood improves, you become more playful and contented. And of course, do not forget to praise your husband a lot and sincerely, as if he did not clean the apartment, but got the Orlov diamond for you. Flattery does wonders!

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