Lent has begun - the strictest and longest

Lent has begun - the strictest and longest
Lent has begun - the strictest and longest

Who will fast? How to fast correctly? Menu for the week

Great Lent has begun - the strictest and longest

Today the Orthodox begin Great Lent. It will last seven weeks and end with Easter. According to VTsIOM, only 4% of Russian citizens are going to fully observe the fast

On the first two days of Lent and on Good Friday, it is advised to refrain from eating, and the rest of the time to eat in moderation, without meat, eggs and dairy products.

But the Theologians themselves say that the most important thing is not so much the restriction in food as "to be in spiritual concentration." Believers in these weeks deny themselves that which gives them special pleasure. The Church calls to focus on the inner state, to fight manifestations of anger, resentment, condemnation. Restrictions depend on lifestyle, work, he alth status.

Lent is not strict for the elderly, the sick, young children, pregnant women and women who feed babies, as well as travelers (travellers), military (warriors) and prisoners. Children are usually advised to avoid sweets.

Who will fast

6% know about reducing time for mundane activities

4% of respondents know about abstaining from sex and entertainment

Menu for Lent

Lent is the longest and strictest fast.

During the fast you can not eat meat, fish, eggs, milk, animal oil, wine and eat more than once a day. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can have oil, wine and eat twice a day.


Sour soup with mushrooms


Soup puree with pumpkin and zucchini

Carrot baked with pecans


Rice juicy with berries

Red cabbage with apples


Moroccan-style carrots

Mushroom risotto (note: exclude wine and cheese from the recipe)


Potato balls

Stuffed cabbage


Tuscan bean soup

Appetizer with sauerkraut


Sochivo from wheat with satiety

Pears marinated with juniper

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