Five Roses by Dolce&Gabbana

Five Roses by Dolce&Gabbana
Five Roses by Dolce&Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana proudly celebrate the anniversary of Dolce&Gabbana The Make Up

Five Roses by Dolce&Gabbana
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Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are proud to celebrate the anniversary of Dolce&Gabbana The Make Up. Famous designers talk about the clues of femininity and sensuality, shades of roses, rituals to paint lips, inspiration, a new collection of lipstick shades.

"I think lips are the most memorable part of a woman's look. This is the key to unlocking her femininity, her soul. The colors she uses reflect all her moods,” says Domenico Dolce.

The Roses Lipstick Collection is a new collection of five extraordinary lipsticks. Shades range from bold to delicate and are inspired by five unique varieties of roses. Designers have an amazing sense of color, so each shade of lipstick exactly repeats the shade of the rose after which it was named. Each tone is the color of a classic vintage rose that scientists have recreated as a modern hybrid.

"Since the rose has always been our inspiration, symbolizing the full bloom of feminine sensuality, it was only natural that the rose served as a guiding star in our journey to find the perfect lipstick collection." “We also wanted to draw attention to the act of applying lipstick, which is the most luxurious and most intimate of all beauty rituals. That's why it was so important to find the right rose scent,” says Stefano Gabbana. “Because the design of lipstick, that object of true beauty, is also extremely important.”

Each lipstick in the collection has aunforgettable soft and velvety fragrance, reminiscent of wild roses from the gardens of Sicily, so close to the souls of Designers. Inspired by these classic and illustrious gardens, the designers have recreated 100 Petals (accompanying all lip products in The Make Up collection) to delight the senses. When the lipstick closes, a special click is heard, emphasizing the seductive intrigue, filled with a mood of nostalgia.

The Roses Lipstick Collection - a nod to the most luxurious of all flowers - the rose. She has always been and will be the main inspiration of Dolce&Gabbana

Five Shades of Rose

Shine On, inspired by the relatively new Rosa Shine On, a delicate abrosia-peach-gold tone. The lipstick seems to glow from within and shines with muted and delicate sparks.

Magnifica, inspired by the fragrant purple-red rose Rosa Magnifica, is a warm red hue with a noble radiance and intense saturation that embodies Dolce&Gabbana's renowned sophistication.

Baby Darling tone Inspired by the u1088 Rosa Baby Darling rose, a miniature apricot pink flower, it appears as a radiant pink with a subtle subtle shimmer that gives lips a natural sheen.

Fascination tone is inspired by the most modern of all hybrids, the Rosa Fascinata flower, a precious rose with a soft scent. Fascination is a vibrant yet delicate deep pink with intense brilliance and duality.

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