DIY eggshell box

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DIY eggshell box
DIY eggshell box

Each of us can make such an eggshell box ourselves. So we need…

DIY eggshell box

Unusual DIY jewelry box

To create a chest for jewelry, we need items that are difficult to imagine together under any other circumstances: eggshell, paint, manicure stick, PVA glue, brush and the actual cardboard box itself. Our reader Inna Zolotareva tells how to make such a jewelry box.

"Hello! My name is Inna. I live in Murmansk, I am 26 years old, I am married, we have a wonderful son, Ilyusha, who is almost 3 years old. I became interested in decoupage when I was on maternity leave with a child. I really wanted to somehow express myself from the creative side. I think the birth of a child reveals a woman, I want to surround myself and my loved ones with beautiful things … I really like decoupage and the eggshell mosaic technique. It's a creative, painstaking process. An uninitiated person will never guess that all this beauty is made from some kind of eggshell! I will tell you the story of my box with my own hands.

There was an old cardboard box, and I decided to give it a new life! To begin with, I “sanded” the entire box outside and inside with sandpaper, large enough, and then walked again with “zero”.

I decided to make an eggshell mosaic on the box. For this we need: eggshell, brush, PVA glue, manicure stick

First, I smeared a small area of ​​the future jewelry box with glue (we work with small areas, because PVA dries quickly enough). Then I take a small piece of the shell, apply it to the surface and lightly press the shell with a stick so that it cracks, as shown in the photo

With the sharp end of the stick, I push the shell fragments to the distance I need, thus forming a mosaic pattern. Shell fragments, as well as the distance between them, can be large or small at your discretion, this is where creativity is rampant). After the shells are moved apart to the desired distance, they must be pressed to the surface with the flat end of the stick.

It should look like this.

After I laid out the shells, I fix the entire surface of the mosaic with PVA glue.

According to my idea, the mosaic will be over the entire surface of the eggshell box. It's a painstaking job, and you need a lot of eggs, but the result is worth it.

Now I've covered the whole jewelry box with white acrylic paint in several coats to cover the color of the shell

Now the most crucial moment - gluing the napkin! Sorry for the quality of the photo, I really wanted to make more details. I glued a three-layer napkin. First, remove two layers of napkins, one remains, on which there is a pattern. We coat the surface of the PVA box. I cut the napkin into two or three fragments, so that it would be more convenient to glue. We apply a fragment of the napkin to the surface and immediately (you need to work very quickly, because the PVA napkin simply melts in your hands or wrinkles form), apply PVA on top of the napkin and quickly smear the glue with a brush from the center to the edges and expel the air from under the napkins. We do all this with gentle movements, otherwise we will ruin everything. Keep in mind: any flaw can be transformed into something interesting. If in some place the motif is torn, it can then be painted on. In general, this procedure should be carried out with optimism and faith in yourself (and also in unusual boxes)!

So I glued the whole box. This is where you could stop. In the white version, it also looks interesting, but I wanted to try to age the box with my own hands. I had a moment of doubt, but it seemed too simple to me…

I achieved the aging effect in the following way:

I painted over all the shells with silver acrylic paint, where necessary - I painted fragments of the napkin pattern with black paint. Then I took a black pastel, crushed it into a powder and rubbed it into the surface of the box with my fingers. Then I applied black acrylic paint to the edges of the box with a foam sponge. In order to have a somewhat diffused effect - before applying paint to the box, the sponge with paint should be wetted several times on paper.

Caskets made of carved eggshells

These unusual boxes can be made from an ordinary shell!

Now this carved eggshell box lives on my dressing table, stores all sorts of cute trinkets and feels great! Now I have returned to work and there is very little time left for my hobby. But I look forward to the weekend every week!”

The site thanks Inna Zolotareva for the master class.

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