A woman with curves is stronger than a drug

A woman with curves is stronger than a drug
A woman with curves is stronger than a drug

The age-old debate about what kind of women men like has taken an unexpected turn.

A woman with forms stronger than a drug

Strong sex prefers ladies with curves

We've all noticed from time to time how guys on the streets throw greedy glances or even whistle at girls with wide hips and big breasts. “Boyish” model forms, which in recent years have become especially popular on the pages of men's magazines, do not cause such desire with direct contact between men and women. Now scientists from the US state of Georgia have managed to figure out why this is happening.

It turns out that a woman with an hourglass figure is subconsciously perceived by the stronger sex as the desired mother of their future children. Wide hips signal that the lady is able to endure and give birth to a strong he althy child. That's why star ladies like Marilyn Monroe or the more modern Beyoncé evoke such a response in men's hearts.

Dr. Steven Platek of Gwinnet College in Georgia showed a group of students pictures of girls who had undergone body shaping. Excess weight was not removed from them, but simply moved from different areas to the hips and chest area. As the boys looked at before and after photos, scientists analyzed their brain activity using an MRI scanner.

It turned out that "after" photos activated the reward centers in the male brain, which are usually turned on with the help of alcohol and drugs. So is it worth fighting the "big butt"?

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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