To be not up to fat

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To be not up to fat
To be not up to fat

Getting rid of cellulite in a complex

To not be fat

Today it is not a secret for anyone that an effective fight against cellulite is possible only with an integrated approach to treatment. This is especially true for those whose cellulite deposits are far from being in their infancy.

Of course, you will need to put things in order in your daily diet, increase physical activity and use special anti-cellulite cosmetics. However, the complexity involves not only the action in the three designated areas, but also the combination of the cosmetic procedures themselves. The experience of many representatives of the fair sex has shown that those who combine seaweed wraps with massage and spa sessions achieve a quick and lasting effect.

In this regard, it is important to choose the right cosmetics to get rid of cellulite. It is best to use cosmetics of the same brand. The fact is that the body responds better to the effects of drugs with common basic ingredients. GUAM cosmetics are the best in this regard. This brand is represented not only by a wide range of products to combat body fat, but also by the possibility of choosing them for each specific stage of cellulite development.

It is unlikely that anyone will object that it is most effective to act on fat cells directly. Cellulite, as you know, differs from ordinary human fat in a denser structure that is not easy to destroy. However, GUAM anti-cellulite masks based on seaweed extracts do a good job of this, with the help of which you can “bring” the active ingredients directly to cellulite deposits.

Masks are applied in the form of wraps - a simple procedure that can be performed even at home, which is especially appreciated by many women. After all, not everyone has enough time and money for regular visits to beauty salons. Moreover, a line for express wraps has been developed, which are a real panacea for busy people.

Besides the impact on subcutaneous fat, algae wraps perform a lot of useful tasks, without which getting rid of cellulite is simply unthinkable. Firstly, masks help relieve puffiness by removing excess moisture from the tissues. Together with excess fluid, toxins and waste products are removed, which are very “liked” to concentrate precisely in the cellulite layers. The active components of cosmetics also nourish the skin, activate its metabolic processes.

When there are active processes of lipolysis, it is required to keep the skin in order. Rapid weight loss threatens that the skin will begin to sag, and this is no better from an aesthetic point of view than the presence of cellulite. Spa treatments will help the skin recover and rejuvenate.

The Talasso cosmetic line was created specifically to improve skin elasticity and tone. Bath gels include algae extracts, sea s alt, vegetable oils. And for skin cleansing, scrubs of the same cosmetic line are provided. It should be understood that he althy skin, in turn, helps to fight cellulite more effectively. Therefore, SPA is not just a fashion trend in cosmetology, but a necessary condition for achieving a guaranteed result.

And, finally, massage creams Massage is usually referred to as a SPA direction, but the importance of this procedure is so high that it deserves special attention.

Massage helps to mechanically act on cellulite layers, thereby accelerating lymphatic drainage and activating blood flow. Increased blood flow to problem areas saturates the cells with nutrients, oxygen, forcing them to perform their direct tasks, and not be in a “canned” state. Massage creams with extracts of seaweed and medicinal plants increase the effectiveness of the massage. They are perfect after the wrap, thereby fixing the result.

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