"Give a man a chance to be strong"

"Give a man a chance to be strong"
"Give a man a chance to be strong"

Kirill Safonov: "That's what I'm trying to achieve - to act in such a way that one is not ashamed."

"Give a man a chance to be strong"

In March, Kirill can be seen in the series "Bear Corner" on the NTV channel. Shooting of the TV movie "Where are you?" and work on the play "The Silent Waiter"

Domashniy Ochag: Kirill, on the TV series "Tatyana's Day" the audience remembers you as the conqueror of women's hearts. And in the new series "Where are you?" who are you playing?

Kirill Safonov: A former special forces soldier who was fired for misconduct and transferred to the missing people department. This is a person who sincerely loves his work, devoted to the cause. By the way, during the filming I met real members of the special forces - people who, during assaults and seizures, are the first to enter the building. I became friends with these guys, I was at the shooting range several times. We met in a movie environment where there is so much tinsel and they stand out for being real. I even thought that maybe I chose the wrong profession.

BEFORE: Could you participate in assaults?

KS: Which of the boys in childhood did not dream about this? And if someone wanted to become a firefighter, then those who pull people out of the fire. If you dreamed of becoming a policeman, then a hero with a gun who performs difficult tasks. This desire, probably, remained from the time when I ran with a stick instead of a machine gun. I tried on the real uniform and I liked it too.

BEFORE: So you like the way you look in uniform?

KS: Rather like this: I liked the feeling of being among these people. I suddenly realized that I was paid money for showing some tricks. And these guys are doing the real thing. I am satisfied with my work, I dreamed about it. But I want to believe that if fate had decreed differently, I would have fallen into the category of those people who do not just sort through pieces of paper.

BEFORE: Did you serve in the military?

KS: No. At that time, there were just the last events before the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and everyone learned about what was really happening in the army. Mom became very scared. That's it.

BEFORE: It is increasingly being said that there are no real men in life or in movies. Do you agree with this?

KS: I don't want to be general. I think all people were crushed - both men and women. Because the rhythm of life in which we live is very exhausting. We rarely raise our heads and see the sky above us. It's not about the men. Life is like that. For me, the main thing is to be a real person and live in harmony with yourself. That's what I'm trying to achieve - to act in a way that I'm not ashamed of.

BEFORE: Do you think the commandos you met are real men?

KS: I want to believe it. Probably, a real man is the one next to whom a woman feels confident and protected. I try to be trusted, in my opinion, this is generally the main thing in a relationship. When jealousy arises, the relationship is unlikely to have a future, because it appears from distrust. I always try to protect and protect the woman I love. But there is a certain discrepancy in the relationship between men and women now. On the one hand, women seem to say: "Come on, control the situation." But in fact, they do not always allow this.

BEFORE: Would you like to be in control?

KS: For me, the relationship between a man and a woman adds up to one very simple formula. It is beautifully illustrated by a story attributed to one of the American presidents. The president and his wife drive in a motorcade to meet with voters and stop at a gas station to fill up and eat a hamburger. And the president says to his wife: “Look, dear, you could not marry me, I’m for that tanker over there. And now you would be the wife of a tanker. She replies, "Darling, if I married him, he would be president now, not you." There is a very big truth in this: a woman should be a guide. But you need to lead in a feminine way: give a man a chance to do everything himself, and he will do it.

BEFORE: You are single now, so there is no woman to guide you?

KS: Why? I have a loved one. Everything is fine.

BEFORE: You have a daughter from your first marriage. What is she doing?

KS: She is 15 years old and has now gone to Japan for two months to work as a model there. Of course, she was very worried before leaving and I was very worried. Finding yourself in a foreign country, where even the word “exit” is indicated by a hieroglyph, is scary. Nastya works in a very good agency where girls will not be left unattended.

BEFORE: How did you decide to let her go?

KS: It was her decision. In relations with my daughter, I try to use only the right of an advisory vote. For example, she has not yet decided on her future profession, I am not trying to influence her. If she has any thoughts about this, we discuss it, and then she draws her own conclusions. In my opinion, this is the main task of the father - to love and help in the fulfillment of desires. I love Nastya very much and get the same in return.

BEFORE: When Nastya sees that her mother has her own personal life, and her father has his own, does she worry?

KS: She saw that I was alone for a long time. And now, when I have a beloved woman, Nastya is sincerely happy for me.

BEFORE: Are you sure about this?

KS: Yes. I think they did a study in England on how divorce affects children. And it turned out that 80% of children become calmer when parents who have a bad relationship separate. After a divorce, the child receives full care from each of the parents. This is much better than when people stay together and the child becomes a witness to quarrels. Although no one knows which is better. Perhaps, looking at parents who quarrel, the child will try to model something more honest and interesting in his own life. Or maybe not. Families of academicians are born alcoholics, and families of alcoholics are born academicians.

TO: What do your parents do?

KS: Mom divorced my father a long time ago, he died when I was 15. Mom is a Russian language teacher, now she is retired and lives in Israel, brings up six grandchildren - I have two older sisters. Because of filming, I spend more time in Moscow. And on vacation I usually go home.

BEFORE: So the house is still in Israel?

KS: Yes, home is where mom is. I bought her an apartment, and finally, at the age of 65, my mother got her own place. We wandered quite a lot throughout the territory of the former Soviet Union.

BEFORE: Many men are waiting for March 8 with bated breath. How do you feel about this holiday?

KS: I never have a question: what to give? Everything works out by itself. It all depends on how you feel about the woman next to you. If you love, then the choice of a gift is not flour for you, but pleasure. You go and think: what would be good for her?

BEFORE: What if the woman didn't like what you came up with?

KS: Then it's the last March 8 with this woman! (Laughs) A gift from a pure heart is sure to please.

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