Mail: letters to the editor

Mail: letters to the editor
Mail: letters to the editor

I'm glad that I didn't work out with that person, but I'm immensely happy that I decided to give birth

Mail: letters to the editor

Letter to mom

It's somehow ridiculous and scary to realize that I don't have a mother, she died. How did she die? No, dear mother, you are always with me, in my thoughts, deeds, deeds! I always consult with you: how to do the right thing with your son, how to help him succeed in this sometimes indifferent world.

I remember how you said that only kindness can melt the cold and misunderstanding of people. I try to live like this. Thank you, dear mother, for a happy childhood. Childhood memories live on to this day. I remember my beautiful nylon dresses with butterflies (you sewed all the dresses for me yourself, you had good taste, I really liked them) and magnificent huge bows that looked like two dragonflies on my curls. I remember the taste of your pies. Your caring hands did wonders: they cooked, washed, protected from all sorts of adversities. In difficult times, you supported me with your wise advice.

When my family and I came to visit for the whole summer, your eyes shone with joy at the meeting and you were not happier in the world. And then we talked all night and did not notice when dawn came. We were happy to be together again for a short summer. In the morning we went with you to the meadow and picked flowers that stood on our veranda in a huge spherical vase. Do you remember, once you and I gathered a huge armful of reeds. By the end of my vacation, they turned into fluffs, my little son told us that what kind of blizzard we have at home, and blew on the reeds. You and I laughed.

Mom, you already have an adult grandson, I treat him the way you treated me: I care, I lend a shoulder in difficult times. Most importantly, mom, we are friends with him, just like you and I! I know, dear mother, that you live in another dimension, and here without you it is dreary, black and lonely.

I miss you very much, my dear! I would now give everything for those wonderful unique moments with you. Today I say goodbye to this, mom. Until the next letter. My mother's name was, no, her name is Maria Stefanovna.

Zoya, Nadym

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Family Happiness

I was so hurt by a reader's letter in the December issue that I couldn't keep silent! The girl writes that there cannot be a full-fledged family if "there is not enough dad." I am a single mother in the past, we had a "dad" when my son was 5 years old. Although I carried and gave birth to my son alone, I didn’t feel like an inferior mother for a single minute: my son is already 12 years old, and he still remembers our trips to the sea, to Santa Claus and just to interesting places, although he was 3-4 years old. My dad and brother love him very much, and from the very first months, the male company of his son was just wonderful.

To tell you the truth, after years I'm glad that I didn't work out with that person, but I'm immensely happy that I decided to give birth.

My son is a wonderful little man, kind, with an amazing sense of humor (I am sometimes surprised by this myself!), a hooligan, of course, but the boy can’t do without it (when he broke his arm, I congratulated him with a cast, and did not lament with tears).

Happiness cannot be incomplete - it is a comprehensive feeling, you feel it with your skin, and you do not mind sharing it with others. Several of my friends who found themselves in a similar situation said that my example helped them cope. People around me consider me an incorrigible optimist, and this probably helped me make our small family complete, and later expand it to its classic size!

Svetlana, via email

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