What is rice good for the body

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What is rice good for the body
What is rice good for the body

White rice is to an Asian what bread is to a European. In Japanese, the word "rice" is synonymous with the word "food". What are the he alth benefits of rice?

What is rice good for the body

Steamed rice: benefits

Now rice is becoming more and more popular in our country, and for good reason - because it is very good for he alth. Firstly, with all the nutritional value, rice can be safely recommended to people seeking to lose weight. Secondly, rice has enveloping properties, so it is included in therapeutic diets. And, thirdly, it can be called a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. The same type of rice, processed differently, has different color, taste, nutritional value and cooking time.

Types of rice

Brown rice (minimally processed while retaining most of the grain's nutrients) cooks longer than white rice and in more water.

White rice can be cooked in the traditional way - in boiling water, and steamed.

Steamed rice (specially steamed to keep valuable substances in the grain, not in the bran shell) cooks faster, it is better to steam.

Wild rice has a special place. What is the benefit of rice? In terms of the content of useful substances, B vitamins, valuable microelements and fiber, it is much richer than ordinary white rice. Its high price is explained not only by the unique nutritional value, but also by the complexity of processing. It is sold both in individual packages and mixed with long-grain white rice.

The more natural the better

This important principle of he althy eating applies to fats as well. The best option is fats in natural products: nuts and seeds, olives, avocados, fish. This is followed by unprocessed fats - unrefined cold-pressed vegetable oils, butter, lard. The higher the degree of processing, the less useful remains in the product. To preserve the maximum of useful properties, follow the rules for storing oils. Fats destroy light, oxygen and heat. For frying, use olive oil or animal fats that are resistant to high temperatures. Unrefined cold-pressed oils are more useful for dressing salads and adding to ready meals.

Don't interfere with calcium absorption

Most of all calcium contains dairy products, especially cheese. But in combination with some foods, calcium is simply not absorbed. So, for example, oxalates interfere with the absorption of calcium, there are a lot of them in greens, cabbage and other vegetables, as well as fiber: cereals, vegetables and fruits. So these products should not be combined with dairy products. But the main "enemy" of calcium is caffeine. Therefore, for every cup of coffee you drink, you should have one glass of milk or dairy products.

Now you know the benefits of rice!

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