How to lose 5 kg? Easily

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How to lose 5 kg? Easily
How to lose 5 kg? Easily

Tips and ways to lose weight: fish oil, mushrooms, chips and a simple seven

How to throw off 5 kg? Easily!

Together or apart?

The question of whether separate meals help to reduce weight remains debatable. The system of separate nutrition dictates quite clear rules: foods containing carbohydrates are proposed to be eaten separately from protein foods. The motivation looks convincing - in the case of the simultaneous consumption of proteins and carbohydrates in the stomach and intestines, the process of fermentation and decay begins. And this leads to the fact that products are poorly digested, unoxidized fats and carbohydrates settle in various unnecessary places.

But the facts say otherwise. The fact is that in the human body there are enzymes necessary for the digestion of all products and in any combination. And the fermentation process, which is so feared, is a natural stage of digestion. So it is better not to think about non-existent conflicts in the stomach of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, but to reduce their number. By the way, as a side dish for meat, it is better to take not potatoes (it will turn out too high in calories), but low-calorie stewed vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers or zucchini.

Fish oil for weight loss

Regular intake of fish oil capsules will help you lose weight. This conclusion was made by specialists who, for three months, observed the condition of 88 overweight people who took fish oil according to a certain scheme. It turned out that those who took a daily dose of fish oil prescribed by a doctor and walked at a brisk pace for at least 30 minutes at least 3 times a week lost about 4.4 kg. At the same time, they adhered to the usual diet. And those who moved the same amount, but did not take fish oil, retained their previous weight. Plus: Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that regulate cholesterol levels.

Change meat for mushrooms

Did you know that the soup will become less high-calorie if you cook it only on mushroom broth. At the same time, in terms of protein content, it will not yield to meat, because mushrooms are a complete source of protein. On mushroom broth, you can cook any soup. The usual taste of borscht, for example, will not change much. The amount of protein in the diet will not decrease, and the calorie content of the dish will decrease by almost a third!

Simple Seven

An easy, effective and reliable way to train the whole body is the "simple seven" principle developed by Luigi Gratton, fitness and nutrition expert at the University of California. These are the seven main muscle groups that, alternating, you need to train throughout the week:

1. Chest

2. Biceps - front arm muscles

3. Triceps - back muscles of the arms

4. Abs (can be trained daily)

5. Back

6. Front leg muscles

7. Back leg muscles

Three hours a week is the recommended basic minimum of training - can be broken down into 6 days. It will turn out only half an hour of classes per day, including exercises for 2-3 muscle groups. This will allow you to evenly distribute the load and diversify your workouts.

Example: one day - 15 minutes of cardio training (brisk walking, running or stationary bike) + 2 exercises from the "simple seven" - working out the arms and abdominal muscles (15 minutes). Second day - cardio workout (15 minutes) + stomach and legs (15 minutes), etc.

Counting calories

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