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To enjoy a clear picture, you need to regularly remove dust from the TV screen.

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To enjoy a clear picture, you need to regularly remove dust from the TV screen.

Main problems

1. Dusty screen

2. Dirty remote

3. Dusty speakers

Quick fix

1. Perfect look.

To enjoy a clear picture, dust must be removed from the TV screen regularly. First disconnect the device from the power supply. If you have an older CRT TV, dampen a soft cloth with glass cleaner and wipe the screen. Then dry the surface with another cloth. Never spray directly onto the screen as this may damage the TV. More delicate liquid crystal and plasma panels cannot stand wet cleaning. Therefore, gently wipe them with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. For stubborn stains adhering to the screen, wipe with a special monitor cloth, it will clean everything. Use a duster or cloth to go over the buttons and dust off the back of the TV and the air vents.

2. Clean remote.

Although the remote control is used all the time, it is rarely or never cleaned. To keep the remote clean, you only need to occasionally wipe it with a cleaning cloth (either universal or designed for electronics). Wrap your finger in a tissue and use your sharp fingernails to wipe off the stubborn dust and dirt around the buttons. Let the remote dry before using it again.

3. Good sound.

To remove dust, dirt, or pet hair from your speakers, remove the cloth pads (check the user manual to find out if the pads are removable or not) and vacuum them on both sides with a furniture nozzle. If the pads cannot be removed, do the same from the outside of the speakers with a vacuum cleaner or use an adhesive roller (the roller can be replaced with old nylon tights). For speakers covered with rigid plastic or metal mesh, use a slightly damp microfiber or cotton cloth and wait for it to dry thoroughly.

To make it easier next time:

• Connect your TV with a special extension cable with a power off button to disconnect all devices from the mains at the same time. Do this every time you are not watching TV, DVDs, etc. First, you will save energy, and second, you will reduce the amount of dust that is attracted to static electricity.

• Get a universal remote control so you can control all your appliances. Fewer unnecessary devices means less clutter and dust.

• Keep on hand special wipes for the care of appliances and monitors (rags for plasma TVs and LCD displays are now available). The material they use is very soft and does a really good job of handling dust.

What you need:

• Glass cleaner

• Soft cloth

• Microfiber Cloth

• Dustcoat

• Electronics wipes or all-purpose cleaning wipes

• Vacuum cleaner with furniture attachment or adhesive roller to collect dust

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