Kitchen: note to the resourceful hostess

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Kitchen: note to the resourceful hostess
Kitchen: note to the resourceful hostess

What can replace washing powder, stain remover and dishwashing liquid?

Cuisine: note to resourceful hostess

If you run out of dishwashing liquid… What can I replace it with?

• No dish soap left?

Use liquid laundry detergent (gel). Dissolve a teaspoon of gel in hot water and wash the dishes (preferably with rubber gloves). If you need to clean burnt pots and pans, soak them with fabric softener in hot water for a few minutes. Then rinse all dishes thoroughly.

If there is nothing to wash clothes with, do not replace the washing powder with dishwashing detergent. The product is too foamy and can ruin the washing machine!

• Running out of laundry detergent?

Shampoo is suitable for delicate and underwear. Spots can be washed first, then pour cool water into a basin, dilute a small amount of shampoo in it and wash as usual.

• Need stain remover?

Hydrogen peroxide (3%) will do. The effect of it is approximately the same as that of bleach for colored laundry. Most fabrics can be treated with peroxide. Simply wipe the stain with a swab dipped in peroxide and then rinse with hot water.

• No carpet stain remover?

Try baby wipes or make-up remover wet wipes. First, wet the stain on the carpet with a wet towel, and then wipe it with napkins, changing them as they get dirty. Blot the carpet surface with a clean cloth or dry paper towel.

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