Study Abroad: UK

Study Abroad: UK
Study Abroad: UK

Despite visa difficulties, UK breaks records for our student enrollment

Education abroad: UK

Much has been written about English being the language of international communication. But we want to express our point of view regarding the British and British culture in general.

Who are these islanders? Why, despite any difficulties in obtaining a visa, the UK breaks records in the admission of our compatriots to their training programs?

The British are inimitable. Islanders, in a word. Everything that seems obvious to us seems incredible to them, for example, their traffic is organized on the left side of the street … The British do not like to be bothered with any questions and problems. They are lucky that they were born in the United Kingdom and most of humanity comes to them to study English and endure all sorts of British attitudes to life. Shower - clearly on schedule, using a certain amount of water, hot and cold water taps separately, addiction to Indian cuisine … But, most importantly, the unshakable British mentality. An inimitable feeling of confidence in one’s uniqueness and a look at the whole world from the height of one’s “imperial flight”…

Violation of the traditions of the British leads to tension in human relations. There's nothing to be done - British ethics: stiffness, bordering on hyperpragmatism, and a subtle, kind soul that manifests itself if you are honored to be invited to the Briton's home. Another life, other values, another concept of work and leisure. Weekends are always weekends, and holidays are just sacred. Do not "climb" into the soul of the British, do not break his rules! And if you speak English well and are at least superficially familiar with the local realities of life, that's it, relationships will certainly begin to take shape! The main thing is understanding the essence of what is happening. Here's the secret.

In the organization of teaching English to the British, perhaps, there are no equals. We would like to highlight the most interesting summer programs offered by British schools.

Harrow school (London) - the legendary school, once in which your child will be proud, passing through its corridors, who knew the cheerful tread of little Lord Byron and William Churchill. Schoolchildren are offered here not only high-class English education, but also the opportunity to play 40 sports. The beautiful lake allows for sailing and rowing.

Gordonstoun school (Scotland) Scotland is a mysterious and fabulous country, a unique combination of ancient Celtic traditions and cultures with the most modern technologies. The Scots are exceptionally welcoming and hospitable. The school is famous for the fact that Prince Charles himself studied there!.. And according to the film script, it was in it that the famous “tomb raider” Lara Croft learned mountaineering, swimming, horseback riding and acquired an enviable athletic shape. The training program includes: general English course - 20 hours a week, 2 sessions of 3 weeks each. The school is located on the ocean, and every summer a sailing regatta is organized for your children. During it, a touching picture is observed: British grandmothers, seeing off young sailors on a three-day "round the world trip", wave handkerchiefs after them from the shore.

International college Sher-borne (UK, Dorset) was established in 1977 by the Sherborne School (Sherborne) - one of the oldest and best private schools in England (1554). The purpose of the program is to give foreign students the necessary basic knowledge and skills for further education in British boarding schools. During the summer period, intensive language courses are held with a large selection of activities and excursions. In addition to the language, the guys study business English, mathematics, geography, natural science, history, IT-technologies, art and stage skills in English.

OISE Newbury (Great Britain) is located in the small town of Newbury, not far from Oxford, on one of the central streets of the city. In addition to classrooms, students have at their disposal a large library, a language laboratory and an Internet class. The Intensive English Program includes 30 lessons per week in small groups (maximum 8 people). 2 lessons each day are devoted to the study of grammar and the development of vocabulary. The next 2 lessons are aimed at developing reading and listening skills, as well as writing essays. Classes in the afternoon (2 lessons) are devoted to the development of fluency in spoken language. For students who come for 4 weeks or more, the opportunity is offered to prepare for the IELTS test. The careful selection of teachers, combined with the excellent location of the school, allows your child to achieve the highest possible IELTS score.

Resting in English

Summer is coming soon. You really want your child to spend it with benefit, rest, go in for sports. But most importantly - acquired new knowledge and new friends. Whatever program you choose for your child, he will be eternally grateful to you.

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