Comfort practice: organizing books

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Comfort practice: organizing books
Comfort practice: organizing books

Let's clean up the bookshelves and try to keep the family library under control.

Comfort Practice: Organizing Books

Let's clean up the bookshelves and try to keep the family library under control. First, remove the books from the shelves and arrange them in separate piles according to the principle convenient for you: alphabetically, by genre, or by cover color. Favorite books, dictionaries and encyclopedias that you use, as well as books that you have not yet read, put in a prominent place. Keep books in the room where you intend to read them. Novels in the living room, children's books in the nursery, specialized literature in the office, etc. To keep the shelves tidy, arrange books by size and separate paperback books.

1. Share your experience

When giving a book to friends or relatives, make sure that it is returned to you. To do this, keep a notebook in the bookcase in which you mark who and when you gave this or that book. For the most forgetful book lovers, glue an envelope with your business card to the inside cover of the book.

2 Clean shelves

To reduce the amount of dust, put books in the back of the cabinet, vacuum them from time to time or wipe them with a dry, soft microfiber cloth. Attach the narrow nozzle to the vacuum cleaner and work around the edges of each book without opening it. Never use damp cloths or cleaning products.

If you're wiping your cabinet with furniture polish, let the shelves dry before you put the books back in place.

3. Two rows

If your books do not fit on a shelf in one row, you can build two. To do this, make a step stand from a wooden block or from foil or cling film boxes (leave an empty roll inside for strength). Wrap the stand in paper, put it on the shelf against the back wall, and place the second row of books.

Keep or throw away?

● Save old books that have had bed (dust) mites. If you're about to reread an old book, put it in a resealable plastic bag and place it in the freezer for 72 hours. The tick will die at low temperatures.

● Remove the stickers and stickers you used while reading. They may damage the pages later.

● Throw away those books that are in the most deplorable state. The rest can be given to friends, acquaintances, taken to a children's library or school, sold by placing an ad on the Internet.

This is important

If books are not stored on shelves, try to avoid places near batteries. Store books in cardboard boxes in well-ventilated areas. Do not use plastic bags.

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