Magic of wasted time

Magic of wasted time
Magic of wasted time

How to turn business into a source of inspiration? The "BEFORE" tips will help you not waste a single minute.

The magic of wasted time

There is hardly a woman in the world who at least once would not regret that there are only twenty-four hours in a day and not a single minute more. We have so much to do in a day! And therefore, it is especially offensive to waste time on traffic jams, long lines or endless washing of dishes. Psychological studies in different countries show that it is the expectation and small household chores that cause women the most irritation during the day. We wait for the doctor's appointment, wait for the child to finally get ready for school, stand in line at the store, load the laundry into the washing machine and peel the potatoes - it all seems like wasted time. But there are special techniques that will help you cope with nervousness and not waste precious minutes.

If you can master these techniques, you will immediately feel that you have become more calm and happy. And in the future, such an approach to the inevitable expectation and household chores will help you save your he alth, because nerve cells do not recover!

When you're standing in line, try to carefully study those around you. Try to think of where they live and what they do, where they will go tonight. And if you're stuck in a traffic jam on your way to your country house, look out the window and take a closer look at the shape of the clouds and the bizarre curves of the trees. After all, there is so much beauty around us that we do not notice, because we are always nervous and in a hurry somewhere! Perhaps, over time, you will even discover the ability to compose stories or want to convey what you see with the help of a drawing or collage. Anything is possible!

"My mood immediately changed when I stopped taking the bus to work," admits Anna, 34, a mother of two. - Before, to get to the office, I rode the subway, and then two stops on the bus. But once there was a terrible traffic jam, and I decided to walk from the metro. It turns out that it takes only 15 minutes, but you do not have to push in a stuffy bus! Now I enjoy walking every day. And if I'm worried, I try to focus on the rhythm of my steps and even breathing. By the time I get to the office, I become completely calm!”

Distract! If you have too much to do at once, try this technique. Instead of rushing, making yourself nervous, and making others nervous, take a three-minute break. During this time, sit quietly with your eyes closed and breathe as slowly and deeply as possible. Or rewrite your favorite song into the player and listen to it. Psychologists claim that this simple technique helps to reduce blood pressure, activate the immune system and turn on those areas of the brain that are responsible for making decisions. After a short rest, you can calmly analyze the situation, make a plan for the most urgent things and do everything you need.

Focus on your breath. When you're stuck in traffic or standing in line, breathing is one of the best ways to calm down. Try to take a deep breath while silently counting to four. Feel how your chest gradually fills with air, hold your breath, count to four again, then exhale slowly. Repeat the entire cycle at least three times.

Another technique taken from the practice of yoga: pinch the right nostril and inhale slowly through the left to fill the lungs with air. Then close the left nostril and exhale slowly through the right. After that, inhale through the right nostril in the same way, and exhale through the left. Repeat 5 times.

Memory pictures. This is a great technique recommended by many psychologists. When you see something very beautiful and pleasant (for example, your child is splashing in the sea waves or white snow sparkles in the sun), remember this moment as vividly as possible. When you feel sad or worried, start mentally sorting through your album with pleasant pictures. The more, the better.

2. Cheer up yourself and those around you

Imagine that everything went wrong in the morning: you got up later than usual, the children were naughty, you argued with your husband, and now you are late for work. It seems to you that the day is irrevocably ruined. But in fact, it takes quite a bit to get rid of irritation. Sometimes a few kind words or even a smile from a passerby are enough to understand: this world is not as bad as it sometimes seems!

Here's what psychologists advise: when you get angry, try to remember that kindness can work wonders. So do not torture yourself and others in vain!

“We have the slowest elevator in the world at work,” says Olga. - And since the building is tall, sometimes you can wait for 10-15 minutes. Before, I just went crazy waiting. Sometimes it happens that everyone does not fit in the elevator and you have to wait for a new queue! Once in a book, I came across the advice of a psychologist: when you are waiting for something surrounded by a large number of people, wish them well. I tried it and it felt amazing. I didn't even expect this! First, I myself immediately calm down. Secondly, when you smile at people and mentally or aloud wish them a good day, even in a crowded elevator the atmosphere is discharged, people start joking! It gives you optimism for the whole day.”

Don't try to answer these questions right away. Just formulate them for yourself and get distracted, but after a while the answers will surely appear.

There is another technique that you have probably seen in children's films and books, however it is very effective. In a difficult situation, imagine someone else in your place - a heroine from a movie that you like, or someone you know who is worthy of admiration. What would a truly wise woman do in your position? Would she yell at the kids staying up late at school and her husband for forgetting to take out the trash? So don't shout.

4. Find yourself a useful activity for 5 minutes

Learn to fill the inevitable pauses with something useful or enjoyable - something that is usually not enough time. Are you expecting a child while he is engaged in dancing or music? Take an interesting book or audio player with you. Tidy up your bag, remove unnecessary information from your mobile phone. “I have a terrible secret,” admits 28-year-old Olga, “when I get stuck in traffic or waiting for something, I always call my parents. At home, I have almost no opportunity to calmly talk to them, and in line you can discuss anything. Of course, I don't tell my parents this, otherwise they will be terribly offended.”

Another option: when you're waiting for something, clean up around.

“Recently, I got stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident, the cars did not move for almost 40 minutes,” says Margarita. - During this time, I put things in order in the glove compartment of the car and in the pockets of the seats, sorted out my bag and deleted all unnecessary files from the laptop. I can say I had a great time!”

The dentist advised Elena to do a regular 10-minute gum massage to prevent the development of periodontal disease. “I bought myself a massager and every time I stand at a red traffic light, I massage my gums. The result is already noticeable: the gums have stopped bleeding,” she says.

5. Stretching

Simple stretching exercises relieve muscle tension, help you relax and provide fresh energy. And they take very little time, so the simplest tricks can be applied anywhere.

Raise your shoulders as high as possible, hold this position for 5 seconds, feel the tension, then relax and return to the starting position. Repeat 3 to 10 times.

One more exercise: stand up, put your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly roll onto your heels, feel the stretch in your calf muscles. Then just as slowly return to the starting position. This exercise can be performed even in heels, as long as they are stable enough.

And when you're stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for a bus, try tensing and relaxing the muscles in your legs and buttocks. No one will notice this, and if you do the exercises regularly, the effect will be quite noticeable.

6. Or do nothing at all

Maybe sometimes it's not worth filling in the inevitable pauses during the day? Our lives are now filled with so many urgent matters that we value every minute worth its weight in gold, trying to squeeze as much out of it as possible. Each of us needs time to rest. And the most important thing here is to treat the minutes of waiting not as a misfortune, but as an opportunity to relax and unwind.

And besides, you need to understand that waiting and routine things are also part of our life. They just need to be accepted, because they teach us patience. Keep this in mind the next time you queue.

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