Nanny Contest. Story 2: Well Intentioned

Nanny Contest. Story 2: Well Intentioned
Nanny Contest. Story 2: Well Intentioned

I would like to share my story. I don't know if she's funny or sad, but "sorry for the bunnies."

Babysitter competition. Story 2: Well Intentioned

We are summing up the babysitter story contest! We received a lot of letters, it was not easy to choose! Here are five of the best stories. So story 2

Good afternoon! I would like to share my story - I don’t know if it’s funny or sad, but at first I even burst into tears - “I feel sorry for the bunnies.” I'll tell you everything in order.

I have two children - boys with a difference in age of 2.5 years. I went to work from the decree early - at first, when my first - Timofey - was 6 months old, after the second decree - when the second baby Matvey was five months old. Our relative, a very good woman, an Orthodox believer, was sitting with them. She very often goes to church, reads prayers, observes fasts and studies thematic literature. However, this did not interfere with the upbringing of my children.

When Matvey went to kindergarten (and Timofey had already gone there), the need for babysitting services disappeared, I took the children to the kindergarten myself and took it myself. And here I noticed that on Matvey's jacket (which he wore after Timosha) there is no large beautiful sticker-picture on the chest and on the back on the lining (where the loop is) there is also no such picture. I immediately thought about the nanny - she has a granddaughter - maybe she ripped off for dolls?

I was embarrassed to call about this and talk to the nanny and left this issue unresolved. But one day I needed her services again, I took the children to the nanny, and upon returning Timofey brought his stripe - a tank with a scratched roof - explained that he and the nanny washed an asterisk on the tank (and there are asterisks on almost all tanks !!!). It turns out that the asterisk is a sign of Satan, and it’s impossible to use it on toys. And then I remembered - and after all, a beautiful bunny and a beautiful big star were drawn on the sticker from the jacket! Here he is Satan, hiding everywhere:)). I keep this jacket, although it is not as beautiful and fashionable as before!

Respectfully, Elena, Nizhny Novgorod.

We congratulate Elena! She receives Mila Martovskaya's book "The Ideal Nanny or How to Find Mary Poppins" as a gift

This fascinating and useful book tells about those to whom parents can entrust the most precious thing in life - their children. It gives practical advice on where to find and how to choose a nanny, how to build a fruitful and trusting relationship with her.

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