Results of the Mary Poppins story contest

Results of the Mary Poppins story contest
Results of the Mary Poppins story contest

That's the end of another contest on our website - the contest of stories about Mary Popins! Summing up!

Mary Poppins story contest results!

That's the end of another competition on our website - a contest of stories about Mary Popins! Today we are summing up

We received letters from mothers who have a nanny and who do not have one, from their husbands who think that they do not need a nanny, from the nannies themselves, who talk about their work!

We chose 5 stories.

Story 1. Dad is a mustachioed nanny.

Excerpt: - It means this: you must enter the elevator first, then roll in the stroller. Get out of the front door first. When crossing the street, remember: due to the stroller, you “lengthened” by 1.5 meters, so calculate the distance from the driving car not to yourself, but to the stroller … Do not walk under the walls of houses - suddenly someone is “foolishly” something quit…

At first I laughed at the unexpected lecture, said: “You look like a safety instructor,” but suddenly I realized that a LOVING father who went through all the problems that I had just entered into spoke to me


Story 2.Good intentions

Excerpt: Then I noticed that on Matvey's jacket (which he wore after Timosha) there is no big beautiful sticker-picture on the chest and on the back on the lining (where the loop is) there is also no such picture. I immediately thought about the nanny - she has a granddaughter - maybe she ripped off for dolls?

I was embarrassed to call about this and talk to the nanny and left this issue unresolved. But one day I needed her services again, I took the children to the nanny, and on my return Timofey brought…


Story 3. Mary Poppins flew away with the money

Excerpt: The child got used to the nanny, fell in love with her. My wife and I had no complaints about her either. All was good. True, after 2 months, a nanny disappeared from our house and with her - 4 thousand dollars. We didn't hire a nanny anymore. We already have 2 daughters, one is 4 years old, the other will be 7.

My wife and I decided to tell the kids nothing. Little almost every evening asks to make a movie about Mary Popins. This is her holiday, and we do not deprive her of it.


Story 4. Poetic! In verse

Excerpt: Our little boy was born

Favorite joy

We are this event

So my husband and I were happy

Maternity hospital. Flowers. Hugs -

A beloved home awaits us!

Proud so MOM article I, But can we do it together?

Because there is so little experience, I'm afraid to pick it up!

I didn't know much, READ FULL STORY >

Story 5. Lucky find

Excerpt: Lida is the only person I can leave my child with. We agreed that she comes out on Monday, and I will ask my mother-in-law to stay with them for the first couple of days.

It's been a year and a half. You know, I'm very lucky! Lida has become practically a member of our family. We have already gone through the flu, and the cottage, and the ups and downs together. She always helps and supports us. Well, we, in turn, also help her in every possible way. And I never thought that I would find a nanny through the Internet!


We congratulate all the winners!!! They receive as a gift a book by Mila Martovskaya "The Ideal Nanny or How to Find Mary Poppins"

This fascinating and useful book tells about those to whom parents can entrust the most precious thing in life - their children. It gives practical advice on where to find and how to choose a nanny, how to build a fruitful and trusting relationship with her.

Please contact us to claim your prize. Write to us at [email protected]

Prepared by: Radmila Khakova

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