Nanny Contest. Story 1: Dad is a mustachioed babysitter

Nanny Contest. Story 1: Dad is a mustachioed babysitter
Nanny Contest. Story 1: Dad is a mustachioed babysitter

Olga Neshaeva: “We didn’t have the opportunity to hire a nanny, and I involved my husband in caring for the baby.”

Babysitter competition. Story 1: Dad is a mustachioed babysitter!

We are summing up the babysitter story contest! We received a lot of letters, it was not easy to choose! Here are six of the best stories. So story 1


I want to tell you my story about how I decided for myself the issue of a nanny.

…When after the maternity hospital I found myself in a home circle and began to get used to the new role of a mother for me, an old friend called, the father of a 6-year-old boy.

- Do you know how to walk with a child? he asked sternly.

My head at that time was “hurting” about not losing milk, and the baby had gases in time. I thought about vaccinations, the daily routine and the baby’s full sleep, but not about whether it’s right, you see, I’m walking!

- Means like this: you must enter the elevator first, then roll in the stroller. Get out of the front door first. When crossing the street, remember: due to the stroller, you “lengthened” by 1.5 meters, so calculate the distance from the driving car not to yourself, but to the stroller … Do not walk under the walls of houses - suddenly someone is “foolishly” something quit…

At first I laughed at the unexpected lecture, said: "You look like a safety instructor" - but suddenly I realized - a LOVING father who went through all the problems that I had just entered into was talking to me.

We did not have the opportunity to hire a nanny, and I actively involved my husband in caring for the baby. And I realized that men are burdened with caring for their offspring no less than mothers. Maybe the difference is that the stronger sex does not crackle about it on the phone or in a circle of friends. But if the father is a normal person, he will also diligently and reverently take care of his daughter or son, like a mother.

I know a family where one son after another was born with a difference of a little less than a year. Mom and dad "divided" the babies, agreed: mom comes up at night to the cry of the youngest, dad - to the cry of the elder. This family agreement was strictly observed. The father jumped up at the call of "his" son and did not complain that he was tired, he wanted to sleep, he was tired of everything …

…When I leave home on business, I always leave my husband with my little daughter with peace of mind. Of course, when I return, I see that the crib is not laid out like that, there are toys on the floor, Everest of toys, in the kitchen in the sink there is not the cup from which I usually sing kefir to my daughter. He, the father, did everything in his own way.

- Oh my God! I say with mock horror. - What will happen here if I have to go on a business trip?

Husband (he is a geologist by profession) cheerfully replies:

-Here will be the primordial broth in which life once originated on Earth. There will be life-affirming chaos!

I don't know if we can find a nanny that fits us. There are too many negative examples around. For now, we manage on our own, and then we will hope for luck.

Respectfully, This fascinating and useful book tells about those to whom parents can entrust the most precious thing in life - their children. It gives practical advice on where to find and how to choose a nanny, how to build a fruitful and trusting relationship with her.

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