Men should be trained like dogs

Men should be trained like dogs
Men should be trained like dogs

Englishwoman Amy Sutherland decided to raise her husband by dog ​​rules. Got it!

Men should be trained like dogs

Training a husband is not much different from training a dog

When raising a dog, you can not scream or whine. The same applies to men. Let them throw things on different chairs and sofas, forget to lower the toilet seat, or be constantly late. In the case of Emmy Scott's husband, neither yelling nor grumbling ever worked. A different approach was required.

Cynologists always advise dog owners to first of all understand how their pets think. Great advice for women too. Scott is an “owl” by nature, so Emmy arranged sports for him in the evenings. She asked me to mow the lawn, go to the grocery store, do some household chores that require physical exertion. A dog is rewarded with food, a man reacts in the same way to delicious lunches and dinners. This is a great reward system.

Emmy brought up an amazing endurance - she stopped reacting to her husband's bad behavior. He left behind a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen, lost the keys to the apartment, forgot about important purchases. The wife did not react to this in any way (you will not be offended by a dog that shits on a rug in the hallway?). And the results exceeded all expectations - Scott began to improve. He found the keys himself, he washed the dishes himself, he bought what he was asked for.

How did he get to this point? Very simple - it is customary to praise and encourage dogs when they do what the owner needs. Praise proved to be a magic tool in Scott's upbringing. When he washed the dishes, Emmy thanked him and kissed him tenderly when she found the keys, smiled affably when she bought everything that was asked, and even more, admired his memory.

In addition, Emmy actively used the system of temptations. "If you do this, you get that" is a law often applied in dog training to reinforce certain skills. By following this rule, you can bring up very obedient husbands. Just be persistent, which a real dog breeder cannot do without.

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