Meditation will get rid of pills

Meditation will get rid of pills
Meditation will get rid of pills

Meditation and mantras can save us from blood pressure pills.

Meditation will get rid of the pills

The popularity of yoga in the East is unmeasurable. Local residents have been using yoga for many centuries not only for he alth, but also for healing purposes. Some time ago, this gymnastics became very popular in the West. Although medicine recognizes that yoga is beneficial for he alth, it has never seriously explored the effects of breathing exercises and chanting on the human body. But only until recently.

British cardiac surgeons have developed a course of meditations and mantras, which not only benefits the cardiovascular system, but also relieves the manifestations of hypertension. In some patients, after this course, the need to take pressure pills, which were prescribed to them for life, disappears. And there are people who, after a course of meditation, have a sick heart that heals itself.

Doctors believe that this is due to the fact that breathing exercises in a certain way affects the sympathetic nervous system, on which the perception of stress by our body depends. This leads to a decrease in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.

Medics have calculated that mantras and meditation reduce the likelihood of a heart attack by 50%. These figures were announced at the latest meeting of the American Heart Association.

Time to surrender to the lotus position and start meditating! Source: The Daily Telegraph

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