Men want maternity leave

Men want maternity leave
Men want maternity leave

Almost 20% of British men would like to go on maternity leave.

Men want on maternity leave Some time ago, the British government unveiled a bill that allows men, along with women, to take maternity leave to care for a newborn for up to six months. In this case, the spouse must return to work. Thus, the authorities finally equalized the rights of men and women.

Just a couple of months ago, this bill raised serious doubts. Many said that there are not very many dads who want to babysit. Like, a man has a well-defined gender role, which he will not violate. But it turned out that all these doubts were in vain.

According to sociological polls, almost 20% of men are ready after the adoption of the bill to use their right to maternity leave and replace their wives "at a military post." Dads will be happy to change diapers, walk with babies and feed them, while moms take care of their careers. Three-quarters of men are willing to exercise their right to more flexible work hours.

A British man is currently en titled to two weeks of paid maternity leave. Source: The Daily Telegraph

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