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Top consultants recommend
Top consultants recommend

Anastasia Achilleos, recognized as the best cosmetologist according to the English "Tatler", believes that the main secret of beauty is good skin.

The best consultants recommend…

Massage with cream Skin that loses firmness needs regular care massage, which should be carried out in the morning and evening. Massaging the skin until the cream rich in amino-peptide complex is completely absorbed.

Not three eyes! Just massage gently or use cosmetics with special sponge pads. Like OLAY Regenerist Eye Pads…

Use makeupUse makeup. For fear of staining your skin, you will not touch it unless absolutely necessary.

Check your eyesight! Squinting puts a lot of stress on the skin around your eyes. So check your eyesight and wear glasses if necessary! OLAY Regenerist regenerating eye pads will also help - they will relieve stress! With Anastacia's advice, you can add radiance and firmness to your skin. But fashion cosmetologists of this level will not be able to constantly pamper us with their advice. What to do? Use the virtual cosmetologist consultant at Tell us about your skin, what worries you, and what result you are striving for, and a virtual consultant will create a skin care program especially for you, taking into account all your needs! The stars invite expert Anastasia Achileos to their homes for a personal consultation, and a personal OLAY consultant is always there for you - wherever there is Internet.

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