Horoscope for April

Horoscope for April
Horoscope for April

What do the stars promise us this month? What positive and negative things can happen?

April horoscope



Positive: popularity, profits

Negative: control

from upstream

You enjoy success and popularity, except for the period from April 3 to April 8 - these are the days of conflicts, unjustified expenses and unjustified claims against others. Try to switch to family affairs, it will help to distract. After the 8th, the authorities will control your every step. Do not worry and take care of your he alth: jogging and water procedures are useful. But on April 11-12, 20-21, 24-27 April, reduce activity and let the body rest.


22 APRIL - 21 MAY

Positive: love, meeting new people

Negative: resistance to change

The month is controversial. You are afraid that the best is the enemy of the good, and you don't want change. But there is nothing to be afraid of! You need to actively communicate, fall in love, change. Except 3-6th: you are set for confrontation. Take care of yourself these days, bring the inner world to harmony. April 17-20 love acquaintance or unexpected profit.


22 MAY - 23 JUNE

Positive: love

Negative: Communication fatigue

Changes invade your life from which you are internally closed. On April 2-7, intrigues will be started - try not to participate in the redistribution of privileges. Be patient: all month, people around you will trust you with their secrets. After the 26th, a new love may capture you, you have to make a choice: this is no longer an easy flirtation, but a real feeling!


24 JUNE - 23 JULY

Positive: success, travel

Negative: restrictions, temptations

Career growth is likely until the 21st. These days, do not give in to persuasion, do not lend and exclude shopping. The ideal option is to take a vacation and clean up the house, then the problems will pass by! Successful days: 1-2, 10-16. After the 20th is a great time to complete the once started business. But don't start anything new.



Positive: travel

Negative: conflicts with superiors

Until the middle of the month, a family vacation away from home is ideal, as the first week will bring not the most pleasant surprises at work: conflict with superiors, clash of interests, falling authority. If the vacation is not planned - do not count the higher April 1-2, 5-8. After the 10th, relationships with colleagues and superiors will become more harmonious and pleasant. After the 18th, you will even be rewarded for past merits. But another option is also possible: you will have to take the rap for past mistakes and miscalculations. At the end of the month, you can count on the support of your friends.



Positive: journey, success

Negative: Tangled Relationships

If you are planning a vacation abroad, on April 2-7, exclude any unplanned expenses! If you work, then these days there may be misunderstandings with the authorities. You should not make requests to various authorities - wait a bit! Devote more time to household chores, get creative with your children.



Positive: outdoor activities

Negative: financial difficulties

The first week is tense, you can feel yourself between a rock and a hard place - whether it's relationships in the family or at work. You have to adapt and give in. After the 8th, you will feel relief in everything except the financial sphere: you still have to save. The period is good for outdoor activities.



Positive: taking care of appearance

Negative: control and limitations

Don't rush to accept new job offers: not all that glitters is gold. In the same place you had to obey strict discipline, but if you change jobs now, the conditions will not change. Be careful: a romance is possible with a spouse or loved one - temptations are especially strong on the 15th-20th and 23rd-25th.



Positive: rest, love

Negative: high loads, fatigue

You are torn between work, property issues, children, love and the desire to fly to the islands! You want freedom, and on the very first weekend, if you do not decide to travel, a scandal awaits you. Be patient at the beginning of the month - provocations to conflicts are inevitable. From April 20, work will require attention from you, and you will have to monitor your he alth, which can be shaken by stress and worries. After the 26th, love comes first!



Positive: love, real estate success

Negative: conflict communication, temptations

You shouldn't do repairs or move at the beginning of the month, in these matters you may encounter difficulties and spend more than you expected. Until the middle of the month, a surge of feelings or a long-awaited pregnancy is likely. A good period for home purchases and real estate transactions begins April 17-20.



Positive: bargains, love

Negative: conflicts, tedious household chores

The first week will be hard for you: tension in the house, arguments between your parents and spouse, or tossing between the needs of the home and society. You are trying to be everywhere in time and not offend anyone. However, if you initially refuse to participate in the fight, you will win! Take care only of children, yourself and your he alth - then there will be no offended. Profitable offers are possible on April 8-9, 13-14, 26-27.



Positive: useful connections, love

Negative: Tangled Relationships

At the beginning of the month, financial interests come first for you, but gradually communication becomes more important. New connections and acquaintances appear, at this time training, trips are very favorable, you can safely conclude contracts. It is worth excluding large expenses and important transactions on April 8-9, 18-19, April 22-25, and be careful driving on the 3-6th. On the 23rd-25th, you may meet a man who seems perfect to you, but do not lose your head: illusions are very strong at this time!

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