DIY Easter crafts: little residents of the house

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DIY Easter crafts: little residents of the house
DIY Easter crafts: little residents of the house

Decorate your home with the kids: 3 Easter crafts for the whole family to enjoy.

DIY Easter crafts: little residents of the house

We offer some simple workshops with which you can create crafts for Easter, take care of the whole family, including your kids, try to decorate the house together and fill it with warmth and joy. All the necessary materials can be purchased in children's art products.

Crafts for Easter 2016 DIY

Fluffy chicks in a basket

  • chenille (chenille) fluffy wire for DIY work
  • soft white cotton pom poms
  • glue "Moment" or hot glue (gun)

1. We cut off a piece of wire (for the chick's head) and twist it into a tight spiral. Cut off the second piece (for the wings) and twist at both ends to get a curved element in the form of the number 3 (see photo). 2. We take a white pompom, glue the bird's head to it ("Moment" or a gun) and wings, bending around the back from above. It remains to glue the paper eyes and the beak of the chick.

Basket 1. Cut 4 pieces from wire of any color, fold them in the form of a snowflake and glue them in the center. We put a bowl in the center of the snowflake to give it a rounded shape, and lift the ends of the wire in the shape of a bowl. We weave pieces of wire into the snowflake in the same way we weave baskets. For stability, cut out a small circle from thick cardboard and glue it to the bottom of the basket. 2. We make a handle by twisting two pieces of wire, fasten to the edges of the basket and tie bows for beauty.

Crafts for Easter: funny bunnies

You will need:

  • white cotton pom-poms (if they are the same size, several can be trimmed evenly with scissors to make them smaller)
  • pieces of orange and white felt
  • eye beads, glue

Chicken branch

We take any branch, using a floristic gun or glue, attach a thick cord to its base and wrap it in tight rings, trying not to leave free space. To mask the ends of the branch, you can glue artificial flowers.

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