Letter of the Month: Let's start with ourselves

Letter of the Month: Let's start with ourselves
Letter of the Month: Let's start with ourselves

Lovely women! Let's teach our children to keep clean, not only in their home!

Letter of the Month: Let's start with ourselves

Letter of the Month

Let's start with ourselves

We, women, as the keepers of the hearth, try to arrange our life. We read with interest articles on how to decorate your home and quickly clean up.

But how sad it is when, walking down the street, you see clogged sidewalks, and no matter how beautiful a city or village is, the lack of cleanliness on the street cannot but spoil the impression of it. Returning this summer from one of the northern cities, my husband and I traveled by train. Either the car was old, or the passengers of the neighboring compartment spoke so loudly, but involuntarily we became listeners to their conversation. A young woman was talking about a certain acquaintance who had left for permanent residence in America. It was there, in America, such a prosperous country, that her friend found herself, felt like a person, because everything is so great and beautiful there. Overseas, the emigrant even began to write and received recognition. The narrator emotionally complained about our country and was happy for her friend.

A little later, at one of the stations, I happened to see my neighbors in the compartment. Two women stood on the platform. The girl, as before, was telling something to her fellow traveler of a more respectable age. At the same time, she actively gnawed the seeds and, without hesitation, spat out the husk right next to her. So a decent pile of garbage formed near it, which was very conspicuous against the background of a fairly clean platform.

Another incident occurred around the end of September. I left the supermarket. Ahead of me was a woman with two daughters. I sometimes saw her, in an orange vest, cleaning the neighboring yard. And then the older girl, who looked to be 15-16 years old, having finished her juice bag, crumpled the package and threw it away. No, not in a trash can, but just on the go, on the ground. At the same time, the mother, who knows all the hardships of the work of a janitor, did not say a word to her daughter!

Lovely women! Let's start with ourselves. Let's teach our children to keep clean not only in their home, but also on the street. And, perhaps, then we will not be ashamed of the unkempt yards and avenues. Let's learn to love our homeland!

Tatiana, Bashkortostan

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Take care of your men

Women, love your men, please them and they will carry you in their arms!

How often women complain that men stop paying attention to them. But in a family, both should take care of each other. And we forget that men also need care and tenderness, that they may lack our affection. Remember the last time you spoiled your man?

He came home tired from work? Pour a warm bath with aromatic s alt, light candles, bring delicious tea, give him a massage. Let him see a note on the mirror in the morning, let him know how wonderful he is with you. Put an apple or an orange with a beautiful ribbon in his work bag, decorate the plate with a tomato flower and a sprig of greens for lunch. What a trifle? And you will see the result yourself: you will feel how much he loves you, he just needs attention too.

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