Man of the month: Maxim Averin. "I don't have time for my family"

Man of the month: Maxim Averin. "I don't have time for my family"
Man of the month: Maxim Averin. "I don't have time for my family"

Everyone around gave birth, but I hardly see those who are responsible for raising their children.

Man of the month: Maxim Averin. "I don't have time for my family."

In April, Maxim Averin can be seen in the television series "Capercaillie" on the NTV channel and in Konstantin Raikin's new play "Poplars and Wind" at the Satirikon Theater

Domashniy Ochag:Maxim, do you like your hero from the TV series "Capercaillie"?

Maxim Averin: When I was just sent the script for the series, I hadn't read it yet, I just knew what the movie would be about, I thought: “Well, what is it? Well, why should I get up in this line of artists playing cops? And when I started reading the script, I realized: this is what you need. Glukharev is a character that everyone just missed today. Ordinary guy from the next apartment, not Superman, not James Bond. Just a guy who will give you a hand if you fall. Someone conquers his attitude towards his mother, someone - his attitude towards women. Many people are not indifferent to what he puts into the concept of "friendship", how he helps people.

BEFORE: Do fans write you letters?

MA: Even now I have some letters with me. Some are very warm, some are funny, some have such mistakes! (Laughs) There are even letters from Georgia. I keep them all, and I even answer some of them. If a person puts photos for an autograph and an envelope, I understand how important this is for him. And it doesn't cost me anything to please him. And the circle of people who go to the theater "Satyricon" is unusually beautiful and very friendly! What do my viewers arrange for my birthday! And cakes are baked, and something is burned out, and figurines are given. They even made a silver figurine of my dog.

TO: What breed of dog do you have?

MA: Chihuahua. Yes, such a big uncle has such a small dog. I can't get a big dog yet, I'm away too often. And this baby makes me very happy, he is my, one might say, soul.

BEFORE: How do you celebrate your birthday?

MA: I have a condition - on this day I must go on stage, play a performance. And after that, my friends and I go to a restaurant and walk until the morning. I have a very wide circle of acquaintances, among them there are businessmen, and ordinary people, and artists, and they all know that the night of November 26-27 must be freed from all business. On my last birthday, I danced non-stop from 11pm to 7am. And I felt so good! And in the morning my mother called and said: “Son, what are you like with me! The best!"

TO: Do you celebrate March 8?

MA: No. I don't like holidays of "sexual accessories". I think it's stupid for a woman to give compliments and give gifts once a year. But, if I'm on the set that day, I definitely buy armfuls of flowers and give them to all the fair sex. Of course, I give gifts to my mother. To my relatives and women close to me too.

BEFORE: Why are you still single?

MA: I understand that I can't make enough time for my family yet. When it comes to kids, in this crazy baby boom era, everyone has given birth, but I hardly see adults who are responsible for raising their children. The question arises: “If so, then why?” I am amazed by the current infantile generation of young people. I ask a 16-year-old man: “What are you waiting for? What are you striving for? Do you have any thoughts about yourself in this life? He begins to philosophize: “Well, I don’t know…” At the same time, I see that the head is absolutely empty!

BEFORE: Were you different at that age?

MA: I can't say I was some kind of prodigy. On the other hand, at the age of six I knew for sure that I would be an artist. It was not a thoughtless childhood desire, no, I saw how much this profession can bring disappointments, since my father worked at Mosfilm. I understood that you might not be the first, you might not be talented at all. I knew this world from the inside, as if I was specially prepared for this profession. If there was such a theater school as the Vaganov Ballet School, where you are trained from childhood, broken, twisted into this profession, one could consider that I passed it. Therefore, it is strange for me to answer questions like “What is your hobby?”. I immediately understand that I have no hobby, I am entirely composed of my profession. The phrase "I can't live without a stage" is not pathos, it's real life.

BEFORE: Have you always been this reasonable or did it come with age? You are now at such a milestone age - 33 years old …

MA: Certain wisdom, of course, comes. You understand that you need to be more careful in some things. Learn to say no when offered something that is not interesting. Settle only for what development gives you. When I take on a project, I don’t have thoughts: “Oh, what a resonance will be now!” For me, the main thing is to do something interesting for myself. And the viewer will understand what I mean. Focusing on success is useless, because it may not come. And if you are worthy of him, he will find you.

BEFORE: Don't chase popularity?

MA: I rely on such a simple idea that you should not try to do the best. We must do well. In creativity, in work, in everything. In this country every day there is a new talent. Maybe he will be better and brighter than you. All the time chasing those who are ahead of you, looking back at those who are catching up behind you, is the lot of those who are fighting for places. It would seem that 33 years, some kind of crisis was promised, but no! I came to this age with dignity, I realized that something has already been done, something is still ahead, and “more” is a lot. When I was studying, they told me: “Pasha! Pasha! You don't work much!" And I kind of worked hard, worked hard, worked hard … And now the time has passed. There were successes, failures, fame, disappointments, and then faith again. And all the same there is one and the same thought - to plow. But not to earn ratings. Just curious: what's next? There are people who begin to predict in how many days, hours, minutes and seconds you will break. And I say: “Let me surprise you!”

BEFORE: Who says that? Close people?

MA: No, my friends will never say that, they are just happy for me. I am surrounded by normal people. And from this it does not occur to me to build something out of myself. Someone wonders why, working around the clock, I behave in public like a normal person. But what's the point of creating an illusion on stage, if in life you destroy it? When I walk down the street and people smile at me: “You give us so much positive!” - why should I answer them: “Boy, move away, there is no need to take pictures here!”? Yes, I shoot with cell phones. Why not, if people enjoy it? If I need no one to notice me, I swear to you! I'll make sure no one notices me. And when the conversations start: “Ah, I'm tired of being popular…” You know what? Take it away from the person and see how he behaves. I prefer to act in films, and live in real life.

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