Irina Khakamada: Settle sexuality in yourself

Irina Khakamada: Settle sexuality in yourself
Irina Khakamada: Settle sexuality in yourself

I'm sure a woman's sex appeal doesn't depend on age or breast size.

Irina Khakamada: Settle sexuality in yourself

I'm sure a woman's sex appeal doesn't depend on age or breast size. You can always be interesting for men, and you should not rely on the achievements of plastic surgery here. The most important thing, as always, comes from within!

When I want to be sexy, I usually watch movies. I choose a beautiful melodrama with a wildly attractive main character. In my opinion, Nicole Kidman is ingeniously sexy, her charm is secretive and seemingly imperceptible. The same is true for French women - Sophie Marceau, Isabelle Adjani. Please note that sexuality and sex appeal are completely different things. If you want to be sexy, then put on lace stockings, a leather skirt, dump your breasts out, paint your lips - and absolutely everyone wants you, and you show with your appearance that this can be done right here and now. Sexuality is completely different. This is an opportunity to attract a female secret that you so want to unravel. And in this way you attract decent men.

So, you turn on the movie and watch how the actress dresses, how she behaves with men. You are trying to recognize what is her extravagance, her aristocracy and attractiveness. No need to copy the actress - it's useless. But try to settle in her image, feel just like her!

The second thing you need to do is to get rid of the image of a perfect lady forever. If you want to attract men, you cannot have absolutely correct makeup, smooth hair and perfectly matched clothes, which is also combined with a handbag. When you have everything right, you become an excellent student, cold as ice. It's boring! And sexuality is just a little irregularity, some kind of charming flaw. Even Leo Tolstoy wrote about this in "War and Peace": any imperfection is very attractive.

If the hairdresser does your hair, it's not sexy. Most of the time they do it very nicely, but so right that it's repulsive. In any case, men do not pay attention to such styling. And if some strand falls out of the hairstyle, it’s a completely different matter. I especially like it when there are a few unruly strands left on top.

Or you put on formal trousers, and from under them you can see a piece of fishnet stocking. Little piece! Not warm socks and not flesh-colored stockings, but fishnet, black, elegant stockings! In vain do you think that a man will not notice this. He will notice, and how!

But the most important thing is sexuality in the eyes. I know how it is with you, but men often talk about politics with me). At this moment, you need to imagine that you are sniffing cornflowers and daisies in the field, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and you feel very good. The face immediately relaxes. He tells you about Medvedev, but he himself thinks: “Well, how good she is!” Because your eyes are smart. You seem to understand what he is talking about.

And here's what: learn to relax your face, because all our troubles and misfortunes accumulate in the lower part of the facial muscles. As a result, the muscles overstrain, and the face becomes rigid. Children don't have this tension, so they have faces like angels.

You ask how to stay sexy if you are half to death tortured by work and life? I will answer this way: this is possible only if even at home every second you love yourself and like yourself. If on weekends you will not sit in a bathrobe, but dress in something simple, comfortable and charming, intimate at home. So you will gradually cultivate the tradition of liking yourself, and when you need to go out to people, you will not lose this feeling. Never share: at home I'm a lahudra, but in public I'm a beauty. With this attitude, you will not succeed, especially with age. Do not try to please others for a short time. It is much more important to like yourself, and always! So that at any moment you can look in the mirror and say: “My God, what a beauty!” And smile subtly, charmingly, with a hint of mystery.

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