BEFORE-AFTER> New look: more light

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BEFORE-AFTER> New look: more light
BEFORE-AFTER> New look: more light

Marina experimented a lot with color: she was both a blonde and a brunette, she settled on natural.


Marina, 47, manager

Spring is a great time to finally decide to experiment with your image. Using the example of our heroines, the art director of the Hamlet beauty studio Hamlet Ghukasyan proved that changes are always for the better.

Marina has repeatedly experimented with hair color: she was both a blonde and a brunette, and recently she settled on a natural color.

Stylist's decision

• Haircut

Marina's hair is quite thin, it is difficult to style, especially with medium length. I decided to shorten my hair and make graduation, thanks to which we achieved volume.

• Hair color.

Natural color looked boring and uninteresting. In addition, it did not combine at all with Marina's energy and her sunny smile. I wanted to give her hair a neutral blonde hue, as a warm one would not accentuate the pink color of her skin, and a cool one would add age.

• Makeup.

I picked blue-grey shadows for Marina, taking into account the color of her eyes. I chose matte shadows, since mother-of-pearl shades are contraindicated for mimic wrinkles. I also added arrows to make the face more expressive. I applied pink matte lipstick on my lips.

• Clothes.

Marina belongs to the type of winter-spring women, so cold, pastel, pale pink shades are ideal for her. And bright yellow, orange - she should avoid. An excellent completion of the image - expensive accessories.


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