Only calm

Only calm
Only calm

5 simple and affordable ways for each of us to find peace in 20 minutes

Only calmness!

1. Move with pleasure

A good reason to change your mind about household chores: just 20 minutes of housework 3 times a week (if you move energetically) can reduce stress levels.

2. Look out the window

People who looked out the window at the trees and grass had a slower heart rate compared to those who looked at the trees on video.

3. Smell the coffee

The smell of roasted coffee beans can both invigorate and relieve tension. In addition, from the smell of coffee, you do not risk becoming addicted to caffeine.

4. Play

Get the kids away from the computer and play video games yourself. Special studies have proven that 20 minutes spent playing a pleasant game calms and relaxes.

5. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to restore peace of mind. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Feel how your muscles relax - starting at the tips of your toes and mentally moving up to the muscles of your neck and face. Breathe freely. Just 15 minutes a day of this meditation will help you neutralize anxiety and stress.

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