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Ask women what their biggest concern is - most would say wrinkles and…

Time: stop

If you ask women what cosmetic problem worries them the most, most will name wrinkles and … swelling and bruising under the eyes. Well, this is quite understandable - bags and bruises not only give the face a tired expression, but also add several years … Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate this problem once and for all - proper nutrition, proper sleep and, of course, regular care will help us with this. beyond this tender zone. Then the result will be obvious!

Cage by cage

Think that to restore youth and radiance around the eyes is possible only with the help of surgical interventions? Fortunately, this is not the case. OLAY introduces the super innovative OLAY Regenerist Eye Pads. Their main advantage is that they not only help to significantly reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, but, like all products in the Regenerist line, they help regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Gently and gently exfoliating dead skin cells, OLAY Regenerist pads renew the skin around the eyes cell by cell.

OLAY Regenerist contains caffeine, which reduces puffiness around the eyes, restores the protective layer of the skin. And antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients (a powerful amino-peptide complex) complement and enhance each other's action when in contact with the skin.

Comprehensive approach

You will notice the result almost immediately: within an hour after application, the visibility of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes will be significantly reduced, and the skin will take on a fresh and rested look. Due to the fact that the OLAY-complex of amino-peptides continuously acts on the skin around the eyes, it actively contributes to the process of further regeneration. By restoring the level of collagen in the cells, it leads to a strengthening of the skin structure and a noticeable smoothing of wrinkles - after five days, the skin around the eyes looks renewed and radiant, and the number of wrinkles and crow's feet is reduced.

However, if your goal is to achieve the best result, do not forget about an integrated approach. Use OLAY Regenerist regenerating pads regularly, 3 times a week, in conjunction with other OLAY Regenerist products: eye serum and instant wrinkle corrector. OLAY Regenerist Eye Serum provides a gentle lift that transforms the skin cell by cell. And OLAY Regenerist Instant Wrinkle Corrector instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and locks in moisture all day long.

Star Tips

The OLAY Regenerist line has many star fans, including the famous actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova, who shared the secrets of maintaining her beauty.

How do you manage to look so good with such a busy schedule?

The main secret of beauty is regular work on yourself. No matter how busy I am, I never forget about such basics as daily cleansing and moisturizing of the skin.

How to get yourself in order in the shortest possible time?

OLAY brand funds help out - with their help, I achieve the maximum effect in the shortest possible time. I found a real salvation for myself in the OLAY Regenerist Micro Face Sculptor cream. I apply it after cleansing my face from makeup, and the skin just shines! I also use OLAY Regenerist eye pads. They have a very interesting and convenient sponge applicator, which, firstly, allows you to apply the cream evenly, and secondly, massages the skin and exfoliates dead cells. And thanks to the fact that each pillow is packed individually, they are always with me - both in the bathroom and on the road, in a cosmetic bag.

Working together, OLAY Regenerist Eye Treatments brighten and rejuvenate your eyes today by transforming them 360° and promoting further skin regeneration cell by cell.

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