Energy Crisis: Recharging Yourself

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Energy Crisis: Recharging Yourself
Energy Crisis: Recharging Yourself

Do you need energy? The "DO" tips will help you make up for its deficiency!

Energy Crisis: Recharging Yourself

Before the invention of electricity and other benefits of civilization, the popular saying "Who gets up early, God gives him" (provided that this someone goes to bed early) was not just a kind of recipe for he alth and well-being - it was normal lifestyle.

But now many people have to work late, and the rest of the time I want to use to communicate with family, friends … And the next morning you need to get up early and at the same time somehow contrive to look collected and energetic. Where to get strength, especially if your day is filled to the limit and packed with work, numerous contacts and family affairs? You can try to cheer yourself up with sweets and numerous cups of coffee. But, if you have to go to bed late and get up early, you need a long-term energy recharge. And sweets and caffeine only provide short bursts of energy.

Our experts have compiled the most effective, scientifically proven ways to help you stay in peak shape, even when you're so tired that you can't concentrate.


Immediately after waking up, open the curtains. Sunlight is a powerful natural signal that will help "start" the daily cycle and cheer up, even if you did not manage to get enough sleep. Morning light activates special cells in the retina of the eyes that transmit impulses to the brain and “wind up” your biological clock.

Eyes are especially sensitive to light stimuli at the moment of awakening from sleep, scientists say. So getting a light charge is what you should do first thing in the morning. Of course, the best option is to take a walk in the sun in the fresh air in the early morning, but this is not always possible, and even a small dose of sunlight from the window can be a good alternative.

In the studies of Japanese specialists, 16 women took part, who kept records for a month - noted changes in their condition. As a result, they made sure that half an hour spent in the sun (even if you are not on the beach, but by the open window) gives you a boost of energy for the whole day.

Breakfast should include protein foods - they energize. Empty toast or cereal can't replenish your energy reserves. You need protein that will give you a feeling of satiety, a burst of energy and slow down the absorption of glucose from carbohydrate foods. Thus, sharp drops in blood sugar levels are neutralized, which are responsible for feeling tired and irritable. But protein foods are not at all synonymous with fatty bacon, sausages, or scrambled eggs. A great breakfast rich in protein, fiber, and he althy fats is oatmeal or whole grain cereal with skim milk. The next option for a he althy and he althy breakfast is an omelet with vegetables in olive oil and a slice of whole grain bread. Finally, fat-free cottage cheese contains complete milk protein. And it will not seem so bland if you mix it with fruits or berries and add a few tablespoons of sour cream.

The brain controls the distribution of water throughout the body. When dehydrated, he resorts to the tactics of "crisis management", regulating the distribution of water so that only the most important organs, on the work of which the very life of a person depends, receive it. The rest receive water in a minimal amount or do not receive it at all. In addition, water absorbs and removes waste elements from the body, cleansing it.

Build a smart coffee strategy. Many people drink too much coffee in order to cheer up. The best way to overcome terrible daytime sleepiness is to drink 50 ml of coffee (about 6-8 sips) per hour from morning to noon. Caffeine blocks adenosine, the chemical that puts the brain into hibernation during the day. Drinking coffee only in the morning and in very small doses will keep you active just when you need it most. But in the afternoon it is better to switch from coffee to other drinks - water, juice or tea. Caffeine "lives" in the body from 3 to 7 hours, and scientists recommend giving it up after noon if you do not want to spend a sleepless night.

Of course, not everyone has the same effect on coffee. There are people for whom a cup of coffee before bedtime is the best sleeping pill. But they are the exception rather than the rule, and if you are one of the majority, then it is better to ensure yourself a good, sound sleep so that you do not meet the next day even more lethargic and sleepy.

Drink green and/or white tea

Green tea (and white, yellow and red teas are its varieties) has an even stronger tonic effect than coffee. It is obtained from the same leaves as black, but there are very few of them before twisting and are carefully steamed so that oxidation does not occur. This process not only turns the tea black, but also neutralizes the effect of L-theanine, a substance that has a unique property: on the one hand, it relaxes and suppresses the level of the stress hormone, on the other hand, it invigorates and activates mental activity. That is, the effect of green tea can be called "relaxing-invigorating."

If you feel weak, drowsy, want to take a nap and can hardly force yourself to do something, drink 1-2 cups of large-leaf green tea, alternating them with small doses of coffee. According to British scientists, people who combine caffeine with L-theanine feel less tired during the day and solve complex problems much faster.

Eat smart. If you try to force your brain and body to act energetically while feeling lethargic and sleepy, it's like forcing yourself to run with a cigarette in your mouth - you will simply choke and collapse in exhaustion. For recharging, you need to reasonably choose both snacks and drinks. For example, sweet soda or juice, if you decide to drink a glass for vigor, will only increase drowsiness and weakness, make you want to take a nap.

The best choice is fresh fruit: an apple, an orange, a banana or a handful of grapes. And it is better in combination with some protein product - low-fat cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt.

Snacks that will maintain normal blood sugar levels can be arranged a couple of times before lunch.

Take a walk. A quiet 20-minute walk after lunch in the nearest park or square will help you stay active and cheerful.

Movement in the air energizes us, says Professor Patrick O'Connor of the Psychological Center at the University of Georgia. He developed a program of regular moderate physical activity several years ago that involved 200 office workers suffering from asthenia. On the recommendation of the professor, they all walked 3-5 times a week at a fast pace for 20-30 minutes in the middle of the working day and no later than 2 hours before bedtime. After a month, 90% of the participants in the experiment said they felt much better, half noted that it became much easier for them to work and solve complex problems, and a third had improved sleep. The fact is that movement in the fresh air increases the level of dopamine - a substance that gives strength and energizes the brain.

Use every opportunity to take a nap during the day. If circumstances permit, take 20-30 minutes of sleep in the middle of the day. NASA experts studied the physical performance of pilots flying long distances. If they were given the opportunity to lie down for 30-40 minutes during the day, relaxing, then their activity and composure increased significantly in comparison with those who were deprived of such an opportunity. But the main thing is that daytime sleep should be short - then you will get up rested and refreshed and will be able to maintain vigor until the end of the day.

Wash during the day. To cheer up after a daytime sleep or even bring yourself to life in the middle of a working day, if you feel that your strength is leaving you, a simple wash with cool water will help. If you are worried about ruining your makeup, then wash your hands and shake a few drops off your hands on the back of your neck. It will really refresh and invigorate you.

Massage your hands and head. According to some experts, the effect of a head massage can be compared to a cup of coffee. If urgent hard work awaits you or the upcoming evening will require you to exert yourself, give yourself an acupressure of the head. Massage the crown, back of the head and the back of the neck with your fingertips. Then, hands: squeeze the palms and hold for 1-2 minutes, then massage the cavity between the thumb and forefinger. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure is believed to help increase energy circulation throughout the body.


Let all the laborious household chores wait until tomorrow. Remember, "who gets up early …"? If you want to start a new day actively and with pleasure, go to bed early. Then you will be able to do much more and be less tired. Of course, it will not be possible to pay off the sleep deficit that has accumulated over many months overnight, but you can repay this debt to your he alth in parts. Go to bed just an hour earlier than usual, and you can extend the slow phase of sleep, which allows the brain to shut down and the body to rest and recover properly.

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