Loose weight comfortably

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Loose weight comfortably
Loose weight comfortably

Losing weight is easy, the main thing is to keep the weight off. Our technique allows us to solve this problem very successfully.

Lose weight in comfort

Elena Savchenko - Development Director of the Center for Personal Dietetics "Palette of Nutrition". This miracle system helped her lose 18 kg herself!

BEFORE: Have you always had a tendency to be overweight, or has this happened recently?

EU: In my youth, I was thin, athletic. But during pregnancy and after the first birth - my eldest daughter is already 18 years old - she gradually began to recover. And four years ago - after the second birth - she gained excess weight during breastfeeding. And for 20 years, my attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful. I tried all kinds of diets (Kremlin, and others, on the advice of friends, and all sorts of cleansing, and "green weeks"), all this did not bring results. And I decided to turn to a qualified nutritionist, I found a very good specialist, but I didn’t really believe in her right away that something could be changed.

BEFORE: And then you still believed?

EU: The nutritionist said that losing weight is quite easy and everything will be easy and comfortable. You just need to acquire the “excellent student syndrome” and follow exactly all of her recommendations. And, indeed, it turned out to be not difficult - there was enough food and meals were frequent. It turned out so comfortable and easy that I almost didn’t notice how after 4 months I lost 8 kg, after 6 months I already weighed 57 kg - after 73! That is, in total, I lost 18 kg!

Besides, not only have I lost weight, but now I can manage my weight. Now I calmly eat what I like, for pleasure, and do not get better. And in this state, I feel good.

TO: How is this method different from others?

EU: This system is called "Food Palette": seven colors of the rainbow - seven types of food. It is built on the principle of the world-famous "nutrition pyramid". But our "palette" differs in that each client is selected an individual program - depending on what he likes, what eating habits he has developed. And assign him not only what is useful, but also what he likes - compromises are possible.

That's the whole point, that's why our center is called the "Center for Personal Nutrition". Each woman has her own “palette”, taking into account her favorite products.

TO: What does the “palette” consist of?

EU: First, diet. The interval between meals should be from 3 to 5 hours, no more. In addition, the products that are prescribed by a nutritionist must be eaten in a day. "Palette" includes grains, proteins, fats, dairy, vegetables, fruits. And we consider water as the seventh group - you need to drink a lot of it. Then the daily norm is determined - what and in what quantities should be eaten. For example, vegetables - at least 500 g, fruits - at least 300 g. Dairy products - 400 g. So, as you can see, there is a lot of food, and all this must be eaten during the day. And during breaks, do not snack, but only drink - unsweetened tea, coffee without milk and sugar, water, but not juice, because this is no longer a drink, this is food.

TO: So you achieved your goal?

EU: Losing weight is not so difficult, the main thing is to maintain the achieved weight. Our methodology allows us to solve this problem very successfully. And it is safer to do it under the supervision of a specialist. And my meeting with such a wonderful nutritionist turned out to be a landmark, we began to work together - I am like a psychologist, because the help of a psychologist is simply necessary. And I realized how wonderful it is to change people so that they become happier, so that women can choose clothes not to cover “problem” places. And vice versa - to emphasize the figure. After all, how many women in our country suffer from being overweight!

Advice from Elena Savchenko

Recommendation not to eat after six in the evening is actually stressful for a woman. You can eat 3 hours before bed: if you go to bed at one in the morning, then at 10 pm you have a calm dinner.

If your child asks for candy, give it to him before the meal, not after. Then the dessert will cease to be a bonus, and the main meal will no longer be something that is forced.

Don't watch TV or read while eating, focus on how you feel. In addition, when distracted, we eat much more.

Stick to your routine, no need to eat once again with someone for company.

Do not finish eating after the child and do not force him to finish eating by force. This is how bad habits are nurtured.

Cook delicious, this is very important for those who want to lose weight!

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