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Organize accessories
Organize accessories

If you arrange scarves, bags and jewelry correctly, it will be easier to find the right piece for your outfit

Organizing accessories

If you correctly arrange all the scarves, handbags, and jewelry, it will be much easier to find the right item for your outfit, avoid unnecessary purchases, or, on the contrary, understand what your look is missing. Separate accessories not only by type, but also by color and purpose: business, fashion, evening, beach, etc. If your jewelry no longer fits in a jewelry box, think about how to organize them outside of this space. For example, a tea cup holder can be used for bracelets (see photo), wall hooks for beads and chains, ice molds for rings and earrings. For small things, any devices with sectional divisions will do.

1. Store your shoes properly

Expensive evening shoes store in a separate box with ventilation holes. To immediately assemble a ready-made output kit, you can put a suitable handbag or clutch in the same box, wrapped in a clean cloth. Shoes that you wear often are best stored on open shelves.

2. Knotted chain

The best tool for unraveling chains is a pin or needle. If the knot is too tight, you need to put the chain on a flat, hard surface, put some baby oil on the knot and gently unravel. So that the chains do not get confused in the future, they can be stored hanging on hooks or fastened - in resealable bags. Chains with heavy pendants should not be hung - they can deteriorate.

3. Belts & Scarves

Hang them on a special hanger with hooks. Or roll it into a roll so that creases do not form during storage, and put it in a separate basket or cabinet drawer. For voluminous shawls, pashminas and fabric bags, you can have a soft hanging section with several compartments, which is attached to the bar in the wardrobe.

Keep throw away?

  • get a wallet or cosmetic bag to store the necessary, but often forgotten things. Put a mirror, credit cards, a hairbrush, and some cash in it. Do not store dirty items in one place: chewing gum, lollipops, cosmetics or ballpoint pens.
  • get rid of the accessories you never wear. But, before throwing away the excess, think about whether you need the details: clasps, beads, clips for earrings.
  • Keep a pair of narrow-nosed wire cutters and jewelry glue to easily insert a loose stone, tighten the clasp of a chain or bracelet.

Our advice:

Don't be upset if you lose your earring clip. It is easy to pick it up in stores of materials and accessories for jewelry (

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