The way to yourself - Yulia Menshova

The way to yourself - Yulia Menshova
The way to yourself - Yulia Menshova

Find the very straw that will save, calm, help. Find yourself: in faith, teaching, knowledge.

Way to yourself - Julia Menshova

Yulia Vladimirovna Menshova graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. She worked in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater, and then on the TV-6 Moscow channel as a presenter, producer, deputy director of the channel. She acted in films: in the films “Act, Manya!”, “Choiceous Groom”, “Silence”, “Balzac Age, or All Men Are Theirs …”.

The believer in our family was my grandmother from my mother's side. She did not particularly advertise her faith in any way (which was quite understandable in Soviet times), she believed somehow quietly, modestly. When we left somewhere, she always blessed us on the road and said: "Save and save." It was she who insisted that I be baptized. I was then six years old. Mom and I were baptized together. I remember my baptism well, although I did not understand then why it was necessary. It was just interesting, unusual, good.

In fact, the coming to faith happened quite traditionally, like many. You know, when you suddenly find yourself in some kind of impasse in life: outwardly, everything seems to be fine with you, and even if it’s bad, it’s not at all hopeless, and, it would seem, there’s nothing to despair of. But there is something inside of you. And, when you have already used all reasonable ways to understand yourself, tried all the options for self-persuasion, suddenly despair sets in … And nothing in life consoles you, does not alleviate this burden, this terrible pain that grows inside, and you are painfully looking for a way from get rid of her… And I began to look for the temple. I can't explain why. Probably, this is the secret of two - God and man. They say the Lord has called. Just at some point, I clearly felt: salvation is only there. And there are no other options.

Of course, I did not come to church the first time. All neophyte stories that cause instant rejection are familiar to me. And you put the candle on the wrong side, and the notes “for the dead” are not written like that, and so on. This, of course, annoyed, resented, forced to leave the temple … But after a while I renewed my attempts.

As a result, I finally found a church, where I was very lucky with my father, Father Vladimir, who somehow recognized me in the crowd of parishioners - he saw an unfamiliar face. He had known his people for a long time, but then he saw a new one, he himself approached me after the service, started a conversation. And I suddenly began to ask him questions: about life in the church, about the history of the Church… Father Vladimir said that after the service I could always go up to talk to him and that there was a Sunday school at the church where you could come and listen if you were interested. And all the fears that I might behave incorrectly, do something wrong, disappeared. I realized that I was no longer afraid to stand in the temple next to my grandmother, that I always have somewhere and whom to turn to. So I became a regular parishioner and for two years I could not imagine my life otherwise.

And then I left the theater for television. My life has changed a lot and involved me in its dense course. And after a while I moved away from the church… Life shook me up: once I didn’t come to the service, I didn’t come twice. … Inside, everything was itchy and tormented, but month after month passed, and I was no longer able not only to raise my head, but to raise my eyes in this direction.

When my son was born, I went to our church because I wanted Father Vladimir to baptize the child, although I was terribly ashamed. But the priest met me without a shadow of condemnation, with great joy and concern: what happened? After all, in addition to everything else, while I was going to church, I brought various people with me there, who then all the time conveyed greetings to me from the priest, asking when I would come. Therefore, I was very afraid of this meeting … And Father Vladimir prayed for me all this time. This is about the people to whom I am grateful … So I returned.

What gives me faith? Meaning. Meaning and great happiness from what it is. In my youth, I often went into various semantic dead ends, trying to think through some life situations to the end. Let's say, the eternal girl's dream: "They met, fell in love, they had many children, they lived happily ever after and died on the same day." And so I began to ask myself: well, well, they met. What about the meaning? A child was born. And all? They raised him, raised him, then his children were born to him … And he raised them and raised them … The circle closed. So what's the point?

From such thoughts I was horrified and desperate. Or take a person's life as a whole: born, studied, went to work. By the way, it was the Soviet era that gave rise to such a perception, when the forward movement of life was interrupted by work: you go to school to go to college, you go to college to get a good job. And you've been working for many years. … And then you die. So what did you live for? What for? I did not know. Because neither work nor “lived long and died on the same day” did not suit me. It was the same dead end that literally drove me to despair before I came to the temple. But ever since faith came into my life, I don't go into those dead ends. Never. Now I am asking other questions: why did this or that event happen in my life? What should I learn, what should I understand? How, finally, through this event does God lead me to Himself? After all, there is no other way. Simply put, I am interested in living because of the fact that there is faith.

Question to the priest. Hieromonk Job (Gumerov)

1. What is prayer? Can you pray to God in your own words?

Prayer is not only a conversation with God, but also a special work that involves the mind, feelings, will and body. In order for prayer to be grace-filled and bear fruit, purity of heart, depth of faith, experience of spiritual life are needed … How to pray in your own words? The Monk Nicodemus the Holy Mountaineer writes: “In your prayer, you must combine the four actions that Basil the Great writes about: first glorify God, then thank Him for the blessings shown to you, then confess to Him your sins and transgressions of His commandments, and, finally, ask Him you need, especially in the matter of your salvation …"

2. Should a woman be beaten by her husband?

In the Holy Scriptures, only one reason for divorce is indicated - adultery … If marriage is made dependent on the shortcomings of a husband or wife, then it will become extremely unstable and short-lived … The goal of Christian marriage is one - joint salvation. Christianity is a religion of resurrection. It does not consider anyone hopeless. Until the last breath of a person, there is hope for his salvation.

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