Tea or coffee, bath or shower?

Tea or coffee, bath or shower?
Tea or coffee, bath or shower?

Our he alth depends on the daily solution of these and other seemingly insignificant dilemmas. So..

Tea or coffee, bath or shower?

Shower or bath? Shower! This is the he althiest way to cleanse the body, as opposed to "soaking" in water. But the bath is very relaxing. Use the shower to wash off the effects of the bath.

Weight or waist size? Waist size! It is he who predicts the he alth of the cardiovascular system. Studies show that already at the level of 80 cm, you can begin to worry about he alth. And more than 87.5 is a serious threat to he alth. Let's take a centimeter…

Regular or electric toothbrush? Electric! It cleans teeth more effectively and protects gums.

Fruit juice or fruit? Fruit! Let's get it straight once and for all - juice packs are made with sugar. In addition, they are cleaned of fruit flesh.

Fresh fruit or dried fruit? Fresh! The more water they contain, the he althier and he althier they are. And the fewer calories you eat.

Cash or credit card? Cash only! If you pay for your purchases with cash, you are almost guaranteed to spend less.

Tea or coffee? Tea! Choose black or green for heart-he althy antioxidants that keep us protected and energized.

With or without gas? No gas! Sparkling water uses sodium bicarbonate and is full of s alt. And its excess is extremely harmful to he alth.

Walk or run? Walk!While hikers don't burn calories as much as runners, regular walking can be very good for your waistline!

Keep in anger or let it out? Splash! It's much better for your heart. However, we are not talking about the nervous system of those on whom it will be thrown out.

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