Eggs for breakfast is a way to lose weight

Eggs for breakfast is a way to lose weight
Eggs for breakfast is a way to lose weight

Eggs make our stomach feel full for longer than other foods.

Eggs for breakfast - a way to lose weight!

Eggs for breakfast are a great way to lose weight, scientists have found

Including eggs in your morning diet reduces your total daily calorie intake by 18%. This is due to the fact that the egg contains protein, which creates a feeling of fullness in our stomach for a longer period than other foods. In turn, this reduces our appetite. Such conclusions are contained in a study published by the journal Nutrition Research.

This study supports earlier findings that including eggs in your morning menu can help dieters lose 65% more weight and still feel more energized than breakfast eaters bagel of similar calorie content.

"We have once again proved the effectiveness of a high-protein diet," said study author and nutrition expert Maria Luz Fernandez of the University of Connecticut. - A protein diet in general has been shown to be beneficial for overall he alth, and in particular there are significant benefits from including protein in breakfasts.”

In the course of the study, 21 people ate different types of breakfast over a period of time. One was based on eggs and proteins, and the other was based on carbohydrates found in such flour products as bagels. In terms of calories, breakfasts were exactly the same, but their effect on weight loss was different. So, those who ate eggs for breakfast subsequently ate 400 fewer calories per day than lovers of bagels.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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