What is the danger of white bread?

What is the danger of white bread?
What is the danger of white bread?

White bread, pasta and flour products increase the chance of a heart attack or heart attack.

Why is white bread dangerous?

A diet rich in white bread and pasta is dangerous for the heart

Carbohydrate-rich foods pose a serious risk to the cardiovascular system, scientists have found. White bread, pasta, and baked goods increase blood sugar levels, so much so that, over time, it doubles the likelihood of a heart attack or heart attack. But this relationship is only seen in women. It turns out that men process carbohydrates much more slowly.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 47,000 people to calculate their glycemic index (GI), an indicator of how quickly food raises blood glucose levels. If the food has a low GI, then it is absorbed by the body much more slowly, which creates a long-lasting feeling of satiety. These foods are incredibly popular with dieters.

The high GI found in white bread, rice and pasta, as well as popular corn flakes, is a danger to women's he alth. The researchers found that those who ate such foods were 2.24 times more likely to suffer heart disease than women who ate other foods. The study was carried out by specialists from the National Cancer Institute in Milan.

Meanwhile, another study was published the other day. It confirms that the popular Mediterranean diet (fish, vegetables, fruits, low red meat and fat) can protect our body from the terrible and incurable Alzheimer's disease.

Source:The Daily Telegraph

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