Overweight fear from birth

Overweight fear from birth
Overweight fear from birth

Scientists have found that the fear of becoming full in women is innate, not acquired.

We are afraid of being overweight from birth

Scientists have found that women have an inborn condition to become overweight

How was it established? Researchers from the American Brigham Young University scanned the brains of women and men who were shown photos of strangers of different sizes.

When the participants in the experiment saw fat women, they activated the activity of that part of the brain that is responsible for self-awareness and reflexes. Thus, according to scientists, the weaker sex showed fear of the opportunity to turn into one of these fat women.

“I would like to note that the women who participated in our study did not have any problems with being overweight, they did not have any history of eating disorders,” said study author, neurosurgeon Mark Allen. - In addition, they openly expressed such a life position in which there was no place for fears of being overweight. That is, in words, they did not care about this problem at all. However, deep down at the subconscious level, the ladies still turned on the fear of extra pounds.”

Scientists believe that this is due to the heaviest press that the weaker sex feels these days. From the pages of magazines, from movies and television screens, the image of a thin woman is actively promoted, and extra pounds are declared by the press to be the culprits of he alth problems, failures in personal life, and an indicator of general female worthlessness. Even those ladies who, in words, as they say, "spit" on this press, are internally still its victims.

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