French Super Diet Secret Revealed

French Super Diet Secret Revealed
French Super Diet Secret Revealed

For years, the French have kept the Dukan's amazing diet a secret, which can restore harmony in a matter of weeks.

French Super Diet Secret Revealed!

For years the French kept this amazing diet a secret

The British media has finally published the so-called Dukan Diet, which, as reported, can restore harmony to the female figure in a matter of weeks. It is argued that this diet is by far the most effective and fastest. The diet was developed 10 years ago.

Its author was the French nutritionist Pierre Dukan, who once tried to sit for several days exclusively on protein food and water. The effect was amazing - Pierre lost several kilograms of weight, after which he decided to devote as much time to developing this diet as it might require.

And his efforts were not in vain - today more than one and a half million French women are on the Dukan diet. And these ladies are known for their model proportions.

What is the secret of the diet?

For the first five days, eat only protein in the form of meat, fish, eggs, or low-fat dairy products. This is the stage at which a significant part of the weight is lost.

Vegetables may appear after the fifth day of the menu. When the weight is adjusted to the ideal, you can include fruits, pasta, bread and cheese in the diet. And set aside one day a week just for protein!

Let it be, for example, Wednesday.

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