Want to live 12 years longer?

Want to live 12 years longer?
Want to live 12 years longer?

Giving up cigarettes and large doses of alcohol prolongs life by an average of 12 years!

Want to live 12 years longer?

Scientists have calculated that an unhe althy lifestyle takes us as much as 12 years

Want to live 12 more years? Then give up cigarettes and large doses of alcohol, include more vegetables and fruits in your diet, but less fatty and high-calorie foods, and also move more often and play sports. These generally simple measures can have a tremendous healing effect on our body, as British experts have found out.

About 6% of Britons smoke, drink a lot, eat fatty foods and move little. Already now they look much older than their years. Most of these people know they are exposing themselves to risk factors. But they believe that having lost cigarettes, alcohol, their favorite sofa or chocolate cake, they thereby deprive themselves and all life's pleasures.

If cigarettes need to be completely eliminated, then compromises are possible in everything else. For example, moderate drinking (one or two glasses of red wine a day) is good for he alth, not bad, as science has proven. You don't have to sweat on the machines for an hour and a half a day, but you can walk or ride bikes more often.

Finally, you don't need to lose your favorite cabbage pies and kebabs either. All this can be consumed in moderation, remembering to saturate the diet with vegetables and fruits (at least 40% of the serving size).

After all, an extra 12 years of life definitely won't hurt anyone!

Source:News Yahoo

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