More kids, more holidays

More kids, more holidays
More kids, more holidays

Five kids is no joke. And when they are born at the same time - it's a miracle. History of the Artamkin family.

More kids, more holidays!

Five kids is no joke. And when they are born at the same time - it's a miracle. Two and a half years ago, five were born in the Artamkin family of Muscovites. Then the media wrote a lot about them (including the Neskuchny Sad), officials of various ranks gave gifts - and then they slowly forgot. We decided to find out how parents live and how they cope, who at one time defended the right to give birth as many as God sent - after all, Russian doctors urged them to kill a couple of "extra" embryos

How to get 40 thousand dollars

When you enter the Artamkins' apartment, the first question you want to ask them is: "How do you distinguish them all?" But it soon becomes clear that the girls, dressed in the same dresses for the arrival of guests, are actually very different. “Tanya loves music and knows how to conduct,” says her mother, Varvara Artamkina, “Nadya and Liza are very diligent, they can sculpt from plasticine for a long time and with pleasure, and Sasha and Varya are lively, they worry all the time, as if not to miss something interesting!”

Family gathering. In ordinary families, the mother runs after the child, but here, on the contrary, they themselves dance around the parents. From left to right: Lisa, Varya, Nadia, Sasha, Tanya

Second question - “How are you doing?” - the daughter of the rector of the church of St. Nicholas in Kuznechnaya Sloboda, the rector of the PSTGU, Archpriest Vladimir Vorobyov), of course, they will have everything in chocolate. But it turns out that this is not the main thing. For example, a great help to a young family was 40 thousand dollars received from the editorial staff of the English newspaper Mail on Sunday for the opportunity to interview their mother for the first time after giving birth and publish the first photographs of children. Of these, the Artamkins bought a minivan car, and this summer the whole family went to the Sea of ​​​​Azov - girls in five car seats and three adults with them (“The Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov is shallow,” Dmitry says, “so the three of us could easily manage all the children: you hold someone’s hand, someone who is calmer can wear inflatable armlets).

Dmitry is a math teacher and Varya is a music teacher. The girls were born to them on November 10, 2007 in England, since Russian doctors, having learned about the five, first offered to kill two or three babies, and then completely refused to take responsibility for the birth. In the English clinic, a whole team of 18 doctors followed the birth (three doctors for the mother and for each girl), as well as students and trainees ran together - there were 40 people in total! Thanks to doctors in London and prayers in Moscow, the twins were born he althy

The keys to a four-room studio apartment were handed to them at the airport upon arrival in Russia - from Putin, then president. The Moscow government gives 25 thousand monthly for a nanny.

“Girls are very fond of being read to, but each brings her own book - it's hard for me to please them all. But they are all ready to watch fairy tales, so lately we have been showing them filmstrips,” says Varvara

Of course, the Artamkins have many helpers - brothers, sisters, nephews, after all, both Varvara and Dmitry are from large families. Ten godparents is also not a trifle. And when on holidays and on Sundays the whole family goes by car to the temple, the children are immediately sorted by hand - sometimes there is no one left for the parents. “You can pray and rest,” Varvara smiles.

In the church of St. Nicholas in the Kuznetsk Sloboda, where grandfather serves - Fr. Vladimir Vorobyov. Parishioners immediately pick up the children - parents are left with one or two children, or even none at all. “You can pray and relax,” Varvara confesses

Wholesale is easier

Of course, there is something to rest from. The girls have recently started talking, they have a lot of questions, you need to be very patient and answer each one. It happens that Varvara does nothing but answer questions all day long: one thing for one, another for another. Sometimes he puts them to sleep on the balcony during the day, pours himself coffee, sits at the table and is silent, enjoying the silence. “I think there is so much to do while they are sleeping, this and that, but while I finish my coffee, it turns out that time has passed, it's time to wake up,” she laughs.

With the birth of the twins, the family began to celebrate more. November is a big birthday. Relatives come to visit, all ten godparents and Mother Anna, the wife of Father Stefan, an Orthodox priest from England, who helped Varya and Dima a lot while they lived in Oxford. Name days are celebrated five times a year, and gifts are sure to go to all sisters. The girls, on the other hand, are still small and cannot understand why a gift was given to one of them, but not to the others. Parents give them books, dolls, cars.

Every Sunday the family tries to get out to the temple

I think that with one child it is more difficult than with five, - says Dmitry, - because when there are a lot of them, they play with each other, they learn to wait, not to be capricious, they understand that mom cannot be torn apart ". In ordinary families, parents run after the child, but here, on the contrary, they themselves dance around the mother. And Varvara is even sure that it is easier for her than for other large families: “It is easier to solve household issues in bulk, it is not so difficult to wash or clean something. In an ordinary large family, a mother is always with a small child, does not sleep all the time, then feeds, then bears the next baby. With us, everything is much simpler: the first year, of course, we didn’t sleep either, but now the girls have grown up, and it’s become easier for us, and after four years they will already help in everything, and I’ll just sit in a chair, relax and have tea drink!"

“Give one something, then everyone else comes running and asking,” says Varvara, “Now, before you give someone a cracker, you need to think, do I have four more of the same? And if not, then it’s better not to give anything to anyone at all.” The twins generally think in sync: one decided to roll the doll in a stroller, the others immediately began to fuss, if someone wants to drink, the rest need it right there. “They don’t have a leader yet,” Dmitry says, “they repeat everything one after another.”

The girls sleep in a separate bedroom, each with their own cot with bumpers. “We don’t have the opportunity to rock everyone separately,” says Varvara, “so we undress them, bathe them and put them to bed, then turn off the light and go to our room. They will jump a little, laugh and fall asleep themselves, but what to do!”


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