I'm in Scuol on the water urgently

I'm in Scuol on the water urgently
I'm in Scuol on the water urgently

The Engadine St. Moritz region, part of the largest Swiss canton of Grisons by area, can rightly be called the most diverse and colorful.

Me in Scuol on the water urgently …

The Engadine St. Moritz region, part of the largest Swiss canton of Graubünden, can rightly be called the most diverse and colorful. Bright red trains - the pride of Swiss railways, verdant valleys, bright blue lakes and snow-white majestic peaks - it is easy to find almost any bright color in the Engadine. Just like the color scheme, the languages ​​spoken by the inhabitants of the canton are also diverse. There are at least three of them - German, Italian and Romansh, and this is not counting the huge number of dialects. Often the residents themselves forget which language they speak, easily switching from one to another and mixing words.

St. Moritz is located at an altitude of 1800 m in a mountain basin with a unique climate - very dry and sparkling sunny, which is why it is called "champagne climate" here. The sun shines in St. Moritz 320 days a year - why not come in the summer? Moreover, it is located on the shores of the lake of the same name. True, even in summer the water warms up only to 14 degrees, but it is of extraordinary beauty.

The list of sports and things to do in this resort when the snow has already melted exceeds 40 items - from quite familiar tennis and golf to more exotic kiting, polo, cricket and archery. Magnificent lakes and huge opportunities for any entertainment related to water, the cleanest healing air and the indescribable atmosphere of an old elite resort - St. Moritz is "purebred" and traditional, like the best Swiss watches. A large number of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos, and, of course, the most luxurious shopping in the Alps - it is impossible to imagine this resort without it.

But if general he alth procedures are enough for someone and it seems that there are a lot of people in Engadin Bad Scuol, you can take advantage of the Vita Nova Spa at the Belvedere 4hotel. For hotel guests, access to the spa is included in the price, for other guests - 25 francs (approximately $25) for two hours. By the way, the cost of living in Belvedere includes a visit to Engadin Bad Scuol.

Vita Nova is a very nice quiet place, everything is thought out, everything is comfortable and pleasant. There are also baths - Finnish, steam, bio-sauna with aromatherapy, jacuzzi, different showers, solarium, massages, cosmetics. You can relax on a lounger in the park with a beautiful view of the mountains.

By the way, these two centers are connected by pasarel - this is the name of the covered passage with a glass wall. You can walk along it in a bathrobe from the spacious and active Engadin Bad Scuol to the intimate Vita Nova - either in summer or in winter.

Scuol's mineral water is rich in Glauber's s alt. In the 17th century, the discoverer - the German chemist Johann Glauber called it "wonderful", in Latin sal mirabile. Therefore, the natural mineral of this s alt is called mirabilite. About 20 springs have been discovered in the vicinity of Scuol and it is known that there are many more undiscovered.

In addition to Glauber's s alt, the mineral waters of the Lower Engadine contain magnesium, iron, hydrogen sulfide and other elements, they contribute to the treatment of osteoporosis and hypertension, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, urolithiasis, disorders of the gallbladder and ducts, diseases of the liver and pancreas glands. Since ancient times, local springs have been considered miraculous, reigning persons, including Russian ones, came to Scuol "to the waters", and today lovers go to combine business with pleasure.

Imagine - there are springs of mineral water in Scuol on almost every street, so you can be treated right during your walks. All of them are beautifully decorated with flowers, look well-groomed and neat.

For new arrivals, a detailed tour of the sources is conducted: what kind of water comes from where, what it acts on, which one can be drunk often and in large quantities, and which one should be more careful. A touching detail: since the Engadine waters have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the intestines, in Scuol there are toilets or corresponding signs on every corner and this is sure to draw the attention of vacationers.

Walking through the historical part of Scuol is a special pleasure. Once upon a time, the inhabitants of this village specialized in baking bread. In some houses, stoves have been preserved, which were usually built into the building and protruded noticeably from the wall. And the walls of the houses are decorated like Christmas gingerbread, and this, together with the quaint architecture, creates a wonderful mood. The technology of decorating houses is curious, it is called sgraffito. The images on the walls are scraped off the plaster. Then some details are painted, but often no colors are used at all - the drawings are already clearly visible and preserved for years.

Like its neighboring regions, the Engadine St. Moritz turns into a very attractive place for lovers of outdoor activities and sports in summer.

  • Canyoning
  • Rafting (rafting)
  • Individual rafting on mountain rivers
  • Paragliding and Skydiving
  • Mountain bike and roller skates
  • Water sports
  • Kiteing - the list of things to do in the summer in the mountains is almost inexhaustible. Most European ski resorts welcome the same number of guests in summer as they do in winter - and this is perhaps reason enough to think about spending summer not only on the beach.

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