"Home Hearth" is on the air

"Home Hearth" is on the air
"Home Hearth" is on the air

Domashniy Ochag magazine played in the 100 to 1 game against the Domashniy Ochag Cover Faces team!

"Home" is live!

Domashny Ochag magazine took part in the Hundred to One game, which airs on Saturdays on the Russia channel. The rival of the Domashniy Ochag magazine editors was the team Faces from the covers of the Domashniy Ochag magazine.

The Home Hearth team consisted of editorial staff:

1. Elena Lempert

Marketing and PR Director of Domashniy Ochag magazine.

Both at work and in life, she loves to come up with informational occasions, organize various events and holidays. We can say that work is her hobby:)

2. Natalia Ekonomtseva

Deputy editor and writer She is the one who does interviews with the stars that appear on our cover.

3. Natalia Filatova

Deputy Chief Editor for Special Projects

Oversees the work of the site, and is also engaged in the release of books from Domashniy Ochag. She was the one who worked on our cookbooks.

4. Serge Markovich

Head Chef of Home Hearth Institute

5. Tatyana Kolobova

Culinary Editor

Responsible for the magazine's recipe pages to inspire appetite and inspire culinary creativity.

Cover Faces

1. Anastasia Kucherkova

Responsible editor of Domashny Ochag magazine, it was she who assembled the Cover Faces team and it is thanks to her efforts that stars appear on our covers.

And also…

2. Alena Sviridova

3. Olga Orlova

4. Maria Semkina

5. Nastya Chernobrovina

The game was held in a friendly, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, the game featured the anniversary issue of the magazine, a mini-format and the Institute of Home. Alexander Gurevich congratulated us on the air.

The broadcast of the program can be seen on May 15 at 13.10 on the Russia channel.

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