Heroine of the month: Irina Rozanova

Heroine of the month: Irina Rozanova
Heroine of the month: Irina Rozanova

I am against all diets. I think it's stressful for the body. Separate meals - yes!

Heroine of the month: Irina Rozanova

BEFORE: In the film "The Irony of Love" you played a mother who is ready for anything for the sake of her adult son. How did your parents raise you?

IR: My parents gave me as much time as they could because they worked hard all my life. I was never abandoned, they took me with them on all tours, I grew up as an absolutely theatrical child. But sometimes my mother sorely did not have enough time to deal with me. She had a huge number of roles in the theater, she replayed all the classics that are possible. I was not coddled, and so I quickly realized that I needed to learn everything myself. I quickly and early learned to do everything myself: both washing and cooking. Therefore, by the age of 19, when she left her parents and became a student, she was completely independent.

While I was studying, I lived in rented apartments. It was not burdensome for me. I very quickly arranged my house out of these foreign apartments. In a word, my upbringing helped me to stand firmly on my feet in this life. Undoubtedly, children, regardless of their age, always remain children for their parents.

My mother still says to me:"Daughter, you are always small for me." But I tend to think that the absence of excessive guardianship is still good for a woman and for a person in general.Although the parents of children of today's generation might argue with me.Children and parents are a special topic.

But mother and son… There is something very special in this relationship. Perhaps mothers are more jealous of the fact that their son has another woman, girlfriend or wife in his life. Sometimes mothers nurse and care for their children until the end of their days … But our Vanya in the film "The Irony of Love" escaped in the end. And my mother turned out to be correct, with humor. Mom is just adorable! Where can you find such a mother now who was not afraid to give earrings (a valuable family heirloom) to a stranger, her son's chosen one?

BEFORE: The most interesting are those images in which the actor brings something of himself. Did you have something similar with this role?

IR: And my character is a bit crazy and weird. She is the widow of a professor, but she herself, apparently, is not a very educated woman, although she is fond of painting. I myself love to draw, although I'm not very good at it. I use the most simple tool for me - pastel crayons, although in fact the technique of pastel painting, if everything is done according to the rules, is very complicated. However, despite her ex altation, activity, curiosity about the life of her son, she and Vanya are friends. Establishing friendly relationships between parents and children is difficult, but possible. After all, then any situation can be resolved. In general, friendship between people is great! We had a friendly atmosphere on the site, it helped a lot in our work. But outwardly, my heroine and I look a little alike.

And he is right to do so. He has a flair, he is wise in his business. As a result, they made a barrel out of me: they enlarged my hips and put on a special tummy. I admit, I really like to change in the cinema. And then the audience watches the film and says: “But in real life you are much better!” (Laughs) I love doing comedies!

TO: Where do your parents live now?

IR: In Ryazan. We often see each other, call each other daily, and even several times a day. The feeling that we are not parting. Wherever I am in the world, I am always in touch with them.

TO: Who do you now turn to for advice in a difficult situation?

IR: I usually do what I see fit. It has been like this since childhood. If I turn to my parents for advice, they are happy to participate in resolving the issue. I always listen to their advice, but I do what I think is right.

TO: What is the most important thing for a house to become a real home?

BEFORE: Is it true that you love housework?

IR: Yes, really. I like to sort things out at home, to dig. For duties to be fun, you don’t have to run things. Always do something, little by little. For example, I am allergic to dust, so I even try to clean up in hotels in my free time. Recently, I have become easier to relate to many things, including household chores. Favorite item of kitchen utensils - a double boiler. I put the vegetables in there and go about my business. After 15 minutes, I took it out - tasty and he althy food is ready! Simple and fast!

TO: You seem to live out of town now. How long have you moved?

IR: I don't live there, but I go often. This is a small house on the edge of the village. An incomparably beautiful place - fields, meadows … We like to gather there with the whole family, sit by the fire … Previously, the parents were actively involved in the plot. Now we plant almost nothing there. I like to “dig in the ground”, but there is no physical opportunity to engage in a garden and a vegetable garden. In my Moscow apartment, I grow indoor flowers. I have a lot of them, and they don’t cause much trouble, they don’t take much time.

BEFORE: What do you do to be in good shape - moral and physical?

IR: Of course, you need to take care of yourself. Take good care of your body and yourself. We don't have everything we want. Do not use what our nervous or tired state requires. For me, nothing tastes better than simple food. Yesterday I cooked buckwheat, and at the market I bought real village sauerkraut. Consolidation. And I can easily live without lobsters. Although it's delicious.

BEFORE: How do you feel about diets?

IR: I am against all diets. I think it's stressful for the body. Separate food - yes! I believe that by eating right, you can get rid of many he alth problems. This is verified by our own experience.

To be in good moral shape, I often go out of town, to our house in the village. For me, communication with nature is a process of some kind of purification. Hiking for mushrooms, for example, can be a good exercise: he bent over there, sat down there, then got up. When else will you do these exercises? And if there is also excitement: when there are a lot of mushrooms and you are not the only one hunting for them! You just think: “If you had time, you wouldn’t miss it!” I love picking mushrooms, fishing and everything connected with nature. This is my element. I feel good there!

Photo by Irina Rozanova:

1 Still from the movie "Irony of Love"

2 Irina Rozanova at the Nika Awards in Moscow

3 The Seagull directed by Andrei Konchalovsky

at the Theater. Moscow City Council

4 Shooting new TV series with working title

White Stripe

5 Scene from Red Rock (1986)

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