Mini-studio: we sew for pets

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Mini-studio: we sew for pets
Mini-studio: we sew for pets

How to sew the easiest shirt dress, romper, carry bag and decorate a pet mat?

Mini-studio: we sew for pets

Shirt dress

• For an outfit, it is best to use knitted fabrics that stretch well. First we take measurements

from your dog to determine the size of the pattern and the required amount of fabric. We measure the girth of the chest under the front paws (photo 1), the girth of the neck (2) and the length from the withers to the tail (3).

• The pattern given by us must be proportionally increased to the size you need (taking into account the measurements of the dog).

1 CUT OUT the pieces, leaving seam allowances.

BACK and SHELF are cut off between each other and attached along the lines AB and VG. We process the edges so that they do not sprinkle in the future. The simplest dress can be considered ready-made.

2 SEW ON THE COLLAR, cutting out two pieces. The total length of the collar is equal to the length of the neck of the dress. We connect the edges of the collar, stitch together, then fold it in half and sew it into the neck.

3 WE CUT OUT two SLEEVES and stitch each one along the ED line. We combine the uppermost point of the sleeve with point B and sew it so that it is directed slightly back.

Dog overalls


• fabric based on the size of your dog

• zipper

• dog overall pattern

1 WE CUT OUT two identical BACK parts and one SHELF part from the fabric, leaving seam allowances. We chop off with pins and attach the details along the lines: AB and VG, and also stitch both parts of the SPIN-

KA along the DE line to make panties.

2 FURTHER - according to the description of the SHIRTS DRESS (see points 2 and 3).

3 Sew in a zipper along the IR line or make several ties.

Bowl mat


• plastic mat (dummy pad)

• pictures or pictures of dogs

• black paper, glue

1 CUT out circles of different sizes from black paper and stick them on a plastic mat in random order to make dog tracks. We use glue for decoupage or PVA.

2 WE SELECT a picture of a dog from a magazine or a postcard (see photo), cut it out and also

stick on mat.

Such a rug helps out the owners perfectly, eliminating the constant need to wash the floor from residues

food and spray.

Toy for dog - pigtail


• any cotton or terry cloth (old kitchen towels, sheets, etc.)

1 TEAR the towel into thin strips about 2 cm wide.

We collect them into a fist from one end into a thick bundle, folding so that all ends are the same length.

2 WE FIX the ends by tying them with a simple thread, and weave a pigtail out of the fabric.

3 MAKE brushes from the same strips by folding the strips in half and tying them in the center. We tie tassels to each end of the pigtail, and then sew tightly with thread so that they do not come off during the game.

Carry bag


• 2 types of fabric - main and lining. It is better to sew a carrying bag from any cotton fabric. The size of the bag and the amount of fabric can be chosen independently, proportionally increasing our pattern.

• Wide handle Velcro

• carbine with elastic band

1 WE CUT OUT the pattern pieces from the main and lining fabric, pre-enlarging them to the desired size of the bag.

2 SEW the front and lining fabric of the bag parts along the upper edge from the inside out. We turn out and iron with an iron. Then we detach.

3 SEWING THE BOTTOM to the SIDE PART of the BAG along the DB line. We sew a decorative pocket along the GD line. Sew the side parts of the pocket to the side of the bag along the lines J and GZ.

4 ATTACH the upper and lower straps of the carrying bag. The top - from point A, and the bottom - along the line BV. We sew Velcro to both straps to adjust the bag in height.

5 WE STICK an elastic band with a fixing carabiner into the seam of the large compartment of the handbag (point B) so that the dog does not jump out, and fasten the carabiner to the collar

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