How will Victory Day 2010 go?

How will Victory Day 2010 go?
How will Victory Day 2010 go?

This anniversary parade on Red Square may be the last, the next one - only on the 70th anniversary of Victory Day.

How will Victory Day 2010 go?

How will Victory Day be in Moscow?

Moscow began preparing for the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War a year ago. President Dmitry Medvedev himself called last year's parade on Red Square only a "rehearsal" for the anniversary parade, which promises to be the largest in the history of modern Russia.

For the first time, military personnel of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, as well as representatives of the armies of ten CIS states, will take part in the solemn procession, new military equipment will be demonstrated, hundreds of festive events await Muscovites.

Unfortunately, we cannot cover in one review the plans of all cities, and even the plans of all hero cities for Victory Day, but if you want to share with us and others how Victory Day will be in your city, leave message in the comments below.


Victory Parade on Red Square traditionally starts at 10:00 and will last 72 minutes. It will be attended by 10.5 thousand Russian servicemen, about 1 thousand servicemen representing the CIS states and the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, as well as 159 units of military equipment, 127 aircraft and helicopters.

The parade will be commanded by Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov, Commander of the Moscow Military District, and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov will be the host.


At the parade on May 9 in honor of the 65th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, Russians will be able to see six previously unseen types of equipment with the neutral names Topol and Pinocchio. The Russian army will show six types of new military equipment. Two of them began to enter the army this year (Yak-130 combat training aircraft and Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun systems on the Kamaz chassis).

Besides, there will be shown samples of military equipment that entered the army in 2007-2009, but have not yet been shown on Red Square since the resumption of parades with equipment in 2008. Spectators will see Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missiles on a wheeled chassis, Mi-28 and Ka-52 combat helicopters and Pinocchio heavy flamethrower systems.

In addition to modern models of ground combat equipment, 30 more aircraft and helicopters will take part in the parade.


The parade is opened with a procession of infantry, air force and navy companies in the uniform of the Great Patriotic War. They will be followed by servicemen from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Moldova. The commander of the battalion from Turkmenistan will pass through Red Square on a stallion of the Akhal-Teke breed. It was on such a horse that Marshal Georgy Zhukov hosted the Victory Parade in 1945.

Following the participants from neighboring countries, military personnel of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition will march on the cobblestones of Red Square for the first time. Together with Russian military personnel, their colleagues from the USA, Great Britain, and France will walk along the Kremlin cobblestones, Poland and CIS countries: 70 people from each country.

Holiday activities

Main holiday venues

On Victory Day, the capital will turn into a large platform for folk festivals. Dozens of events and processions will take place in all districts of Moscow. There will be dance floors in the parks. In addition, 11 social and political events are planned for May 9, in which more than 50,000 people will participate.

On Tverskaya Square from 16:00 to 17:30 a festive concert and a parade of participants of the Moscow International Festival "Ode to Peace" will take place. Military bands of Russia, USA, Great Britain, France will present short musical programs. In the final, during the performance of "Glory" by Mikhail Glinka, children will present flowers to the veterans. Under the march "Farewell of the Slav" the procession of orchestras along Tverskaya Street to Triumphalnaya Square will begin.

The most massive events, according to tradition, will be held on Poklonnaya Hill. From 12:00 to 13:30 there will be a theatrical performance with the participation of vintage cars, models in vintage dresses, a reconstruction of the battle. Everyone will be fed buckwheat with stew free of charge. After that, the Memorial Complex will host an hour and a half concert of classical music by the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiev.

On the eve of Victory Day, a 1418-meter long Ribbon of Glory will be placed on Poklonnaya Gora - so many days the Great Patriotic War lasted. Children and veterans will be able to record on the tape.

In the Hermitage Garden on Karetny Ryad, 3 brass bands will play all day long. At 18:00, the dance ball "At six o'clock in the evening after the war" begins. Everyone will be taught to w altz.

A brass band will play at the main entrance to TsPKiO named after Gorky from 10 am to 12 pm. Guests of the holiday and veterans are given the opportunity to take part in the shooting of the film "Soldier's Walk of Fame". The mounted picture will be sent to the veterans by mail. Everyone will also have a stylized picture in a 1942 military uniform. Guests of the park, under the guidance of a professional florist, will be able to make bouquets as a gift for veterans.

From 10:00 to 16:00, the music stage will host a demonstration of military chronicles, documentaries and a concert film on LED screens. A brass band will perform, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Sergey Makhovikov and others will sing. An exhibition of samples of military equipment will be held on the square near the stage.

On Trubnaya Square from 15:00 to 19:00 there will be a festival of author's song dedicated to Bulat Okudzhava. Various festive events will also take place on Lubyanskaya and Teatralnaya squares.

A minute of silence.


On May 9 in Moscow, in honor of Victory Day, more than 4,5 thousand fireworks will be fired from 16 sites. Most installations will be on Poklonnaya and Sparrow Hills.

“More than 4,500 ammunition will be fired for the fireworks,” Colonel Vyacheslav Paradnikov, commander of the 449th Separate Salute Division of the Moscow Military District, told reporters. He noted that this year the salute will last 1.5 times longer than last year, and that the legendary ZIS-3 guns of 76 mm caliber are used for volleys. During the war years, these guns were used for firing at tanks and for indirect trajectory firing. The range of the shot reached 13 kilometers.

"The guns we use were made in 1942, 1943. On the shields of some of them, you can see patched holes left by fragments of enemy shells,” Vyacheslav Paradnikov emphasized.

Fireworks will begin in Moscow at 22.00 Moscow time.


For good weather (dispersal of clouds) on Victory Day, the city authorities can spend about 45 million rubles. Hysmeteo promises 22 degrees of heat.


In connection with the celebration of the Victory Parade in the center of the capital, the movement of private vehicles will be limited.

May 9 due to the passage of military equipment, traffic in the center of Moscow will be blocked from 05:00 until the end of the event.

Travel will be limited: along Khodynskoe Pole, Projected Drives, Leningradsky Prospekt, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, Tverskaya, Mokhovaya, Okhotny Ryad, Manezhnaya Square, Vasilyevsky Spusk, Moskvoretskaya and Kremlin Embankments, Borovitskaya Square, Vozdvizhenka Streets and Novy Arbat, Novinsky Boulevard, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya and Bolshaya Sadovaya streets, Triumphalnaya Square, Kitaygorodsky passage, Ilyinsky Spusk, Ilyinka and Varvarka streets, Prechistenskaya embankment, along the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge, Moskvoretskaya street, Bolotnaya embankment, Bolotnaya street, Podgorskaya embankment, Bernikovskaya embankment, Ustyinskaya embankment, Ustyinsky passage, Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Yauzskaya and Solyanka streets, as well as Solyansky passage.

Besides, due to the bike ride taking place these days in Moscow on May 9, from 11:00 to 17:00, traffic along Krylatskaya Street will also be limited.


Metro in the center of Moscow will be closed for the exit of passengers. Eight Moscow metro stations located in the city center will be closed for passengers to exit during the Victory Parade.

From 7:00 until the end of the military parade on Red Square, Okhotny Ryad, Revolution Square, Teatralnaya, Aleksandrovsky Sad, Borovitskaya, Lenin Library, Lubyanka and "Kitai-gorod" will work only for the entrance and transfer of passengers.

In addition, as noted in the press service, from 12:00 until the end of the festive events, it is possible to restrict the entry of passengers at the stations "Park Pobedy", "Kutuzovskaya" and "Kyiv".

After the end of the fireworks and festivities, it is possible to restrict the entry of passengers at the stations "Revolution Square", "Okhotny Ryad", "Alexander Garden", "Arbatskaya" (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line), "Borovitskaya", "Lubyanka", Kuznetsky Most, Kitai-Gorod, Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya, Park of Culture, Oktyabrskaya, Sparrow Hills, University, Victory Park, Kutuzovskaya and Kyiv.

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