Summer body in 14 days

Summer body in 14 days
Summer body in 14 days

How to live two weeks to make the body better? These tips work wonders.

Summer body in 14 days

Is it possible to get a perfect "summer" body in just 14 days?

It's not as unrealistic as you think, British personal trainer James Duigan is convinced. Good, he althy food and a set of effective exercises work wonders.

Top model Elle MacPherson recently stated: "No one in the world is better than James to help women get fantastic shape." And her opinion is shared by many other stars Duigan has helped. James is giving all Hearthstone readers free tips on how to get into the perfect shape we need for beach season in just 14 days.

Here's what you need:

  • Three meals a day plus small snacks
  • One cup of organic tea or coffee a day
  • Up to six cups of organic green tea a day
  • At least 2.5 liters of non-carbonated, filtered drinking water per day
  • No alcohol or soda
  • Eight minutes of exercise a day.

What is called good and he althy food? This concept has not changed for many centuries. The apple remains he althy to this day, and no chips can compare with a real potato. He althy food can't last for months, doesn't have ingredients you don't know about, and gives you a feeling of fullness. No sugar (it's full of raw fruit, that's enough for you), chocolate, white wine. Eat raw vegetables, fruits, avocados, red wine. Skip crackers and instant coffee.

And a two-week miracle will happen, as James Duigan convinces. Of course, if you do not forget about sports, long sleep and good mood.

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