The happiest people are after 50

The happiest people are after 50
The happiest people are after 50

Surprisingly, we become happier as we age.

The happiest people are after 50

Surprisingly, we become happier as we age

It would seem that older people have enough reasons for grief and stress. Every year, he alth problems are added, and even friends and relatives regularly get sick and go to another world. There are fewer strengths and desires, your own independence seems fragile and short-lived - after all, any serious illness can turn you into an invalid.

However, US sociologists analyzed telephone polls of 340,000 Americans aged 50 and over, conducted by the famous Gallup public opinion polling service. It turned out that people become the happiest after 50, and the moment of the highest happiness falls, oddly enough, between the ages of 70 and 80.

What could be the reason for this? Firstly, an elderly person no longer experiences stress at work and the need to move up the career ladder. Secondly, he usually does not have serious debts, like mortgages, he does not have to worry about how to pay for his children's education.

The children themselves grew up and became independent, their parents have the opportunity to live only for themselves again. After retirement, there is a lot of free time, and if he alth still allows you to lead an active lifestyle, then a person becomes almost completely happy.

And you can fall in love even at 80. And, very hard!

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